Mad Men “The Rejected”

If you’re a Mad Men fan (which I’m assuming you are if you’re reading this) you may face the same dilemma I do every Sunday night at the end of the newest Mad Men episode: Do I hate Don Draper or pity him? At the end of every episode I ask myself this question and it never fails to puzzle me. After watching this week’s episode titled The Rejected, I couldn’t help but ask if Don was one of these “rejected” parties or if he simply does the rejecting.
The Rejected

Don’s newest secretary, Allison, made a mistake that Peggy never made. She not only slept with Don…when he was drunk, but decided to trick herself into believing that it meant ANYTHING. It didn’t. Not to Don. In this aptly titled episode, Allison’s feelings about their romp on the couch surfaces when she reveals to Peggy her mistake. Then proceeds to hurl hurtful words (and objects!) at Don. Yep, she’s been rejected. And of course, Don looks to be the jerk. And admittedly, he is. But she was sober and still slept with him. A jerk and an idiot…a couple does not make.

Peggy is reliving her feelings of being rejected by Pete after she finds out about his growing family. But, she has found a new crowd to hang out with, and seems to be accepted by them, despite the fact that they consider her a corporate sellout by working in advertising. She does some rejecting of her own. Turns out that the lady down the hall who sells nude photos to magazines is interested in Peggy. Too bad Peggy decides she doesn’t play for the other team and instead decides to cheat on her boyfriend with an artist while escaping a police raid at his party.

Not only does Pete find out that Trudy is pregnant, but also gets into a yelling match with his father-in-law during a nice family celebration. Now how can he be becoming a father after acting so childish constantly. It seems to me that Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price may take Pete’s attention from his wife and new baby in the coming weeks. Apparently even family tension can’t keep him from trying to make a deal.

It’s hard to find people to like in Mad Men. They tend to be jerks, alcoholics or stupid. But the key is that I can’t stop watching. So I guess whatever they’re smoking is working.

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