House “Now What?”

After an intense season finale, House returns looking like a completely different show. This week’s premiere consisted of some Grey’s Anatomy-type relationship talk interspersed with some comedic relief.
House and Cuddy spend most of the episode talking about their relationship and consummating it. They both call-in sick to work leaving the hospital is desperate need of a neurologist on-call. For the most part House and Cuddy are cut-off from the outside world, until Wilson tries to spoil their paradise by checking House’s mental status. House swears to Wilson that he is perfectly fine and is spending the day with his girlfriend, Cuddy. Wilson is suspicious and zings one at House claiming that “everybody lies.” So House takes him back to the bedroom where he left Cuddy only to find an empty bed. Thus, Wilson believes that House is high on painkillers and proceeds to give him a thorough examination which turns up the fact that House is 100% sober. Cuddy is hiding in the closet.

The “medical” aspect of the episode was really just some random story to split up the House and Cuddy scenes. The doctors must find a way to keep the hospital open because of the law that there must be a neurosurgeon on the premises at all times.

House and Cuddy try to DTR for about 35 of the 43 minutes in the episode and then alomst break up. Until Cuddy reminds House that she thinks he’s “the most amazing guy [she’s] ever known” and then they kiss.

Also, Thirteen has run away.

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