Bones “The Body and the Bounty”

A decomposed body is found by some Freegans in a dumpster and of course, Booth and Brennan are called in. A “Bill Nye the Science Guy”-type guy shows up at the museum asking to film his children’s show there. Bones of course refuses. But Cam comes up with a deal: since Dr. Brennan is out some interns, Professor Bunsen Jude will “audition” by playing the role for the case to school the squints. Bones calls him “dude” the rest of the episode, which is funny every single time.

The case is the least interesting part of the episode as the squints continue to use some of the “Science Dude” phrases. They are cheesy and pretty catchy. But as soon as gunshots are fired, I’m back focused on the case. It turns out that the decomposed body is actually a bounty hunter chasing after Charles Braverman. As Booth and Brennan find Braverman and begin to chase him, another bounty hunter interferes.

As they grow closer to finding Braverman, Professor Science Dude and Hodgins experiment with various possible murder weapons. Eventually Science Dude figures out that it’s a Potato Launcher. That’s right kids, a potato flying through the air at a relatively slow pace could kill you.

While trying to take down Braverman’s wife, Bones kicks her into needling herself while Booth captures Braverman and the Bounty Hunter, who turns out to be the one who accidentally killed the first bounty hunter. Anyway, more importantly Brennan agrees to allow the Science Dude to film an episode in the lab. It’s pretty crazy when she comes out in a skeleton outfit and red tutu. The End.

Favorite Quote: “It’s a barbarity that clarity is such a rarity.”

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