Cougar Town “The Damage You’ve Done”

After Grayson and Jules run into one of Jules’ old flames, Grayson decides to reveal to her that he slept with Laurie a long time ago. But when he tells Laurie that he’s telling Jules, they fight over who will tell her first. They end up telling her at the same time and her reaction is obvious shock. In true reality show form, Jules brings Ellie, Grayson and Laurie together for an elimination night. Someone would have to hand over their wine glass and leave the house. After dramatic pauses and background music (very Bacheloresque), she decides that she’s mad at Ellie, who didn’t tell her about Laurie and Grayson sleeping together. Ellie must leave her wine glass and exit the house, immediately.

Travis comes home from school to discover his girlfriend cuddling up to another guy. She denies that anything is going on. But when she pulls some new kissing moves, Andy suggests she learned them from her cuddle buddy. Travis decides to break up with Kylie but she refuses to accept it and tells him she’ll continue to see other guys while he’s at school.

Laurie reveals to Jules that she knew she liked Grayson when she slept with him, causing some tension between them. When Smith realizes he isn’t upset with Grayson for sleeping with Laurie, he questions their relationship and decides they should break up. Laurie is devastated after the break up and Jules forgets their fight and comforts her.

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