Grey’s Anatomy- “Can’t Fight Biology”

This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy starts with Meredith and Derek going to her OB to see if they can get pregnant again. The doctor informs them that Meredith has a “hostile” uterus and that if she does get pregnant again, she may have a another miscarriage. Discouraging for all of us Mer/Der and McBaby fans… BUT, it isn’t definite and at least Derek still seems optimistic, giving us hope.

Christina and Owen have decided to finally move out of Callie and Arizona’s apartment and are on the hunt for a new place. Yang seems uninterested in the entire process, but eventually gets involved and actually buys Owen’s favorite place for them as a surprise.

The Grey house is becoming more and more like a Frat house every week. With Alex, Jackson, Lexi, and April now all living there (along with Meredith & Derek, of course) the place has become crazy. Lexi is dying for more room and feels like the system has become unfair. April has decided she is permanently moving in and starts making house-wide decision, angering Lexi even further. It doesn’t help that Meredith and April seem to be becoming good friends, leaving Lexi frustrated and alone.

Jackson finds out that Teddy sees him as only a ‘pretty face’ and decides to use his ability to flirt with his ‘pretty face’ to get into her surgeries and prove he is actually talented. One shirtless conversation later, Teddy calls him out and although she is furious, she can see the potential and talent in him and lets him slide.

The medical aspect of the episode revolves around three story lines: a psychotic woman who ran her car into a laundry mat to injure her ex-husband, and in the process hurts herself and a young woman with Huntington’s disease; a young boy who is a very skilled, dedicated dancer recently diagnosed with bone cancer; And a biologist who has given his own body as the testing facility for what he believes could be a live-changing new drug.

Lexi finds herself relating to the woman who ran her car into her husband, claiming she feels like that about April. Meredith finds herself becoming close with the young woman with Huntington’s, relating in that fact that her mother also died of a disease that could potentially be passed down to her. Through this Meredith decides to get a genetic test to see if she has the Alzheimer gene. Alex, Arizona, and Callie find a way to save the kid with bone cancer, and in the process ‘Calzoni’ work out some couple issues involving Mark Sloan. Dr. Bailey and Christina work on the man with complications from his lab experiments and Yang finds herself agreeing with the man’s passion and dedication to his craft.

I very much enjoyed this episode of Grey’s. It was loaded with character development, which I love. Because it is a show that has both medical and personal aspects, sometimes it is very medically, and sometimes very character-y. Tonight’s episode was a lot of the character aspect as we are still in the fall out of the finale (the hospital shooting). Christina can still no longer operate on patients, Meredith and Derek are trying to deal with the loss of a child they barely had time to acknowledge existed, Lexi is still feeling alone and a little crazy, Jackson is trying to prove that he deserved to live, when most of his fellow Mercy Westers did not, and so on. So I think that in the early stages of this aftermath character growth and depth is crucial. Which, this being the fourth episode in the season, is still continuing to be presented. The fun, intense, crazy medical aspects, I’m sure, will and are slowing starting to seep back in and I’m sure by the middle of the season will be out in full force. So if that is what you are waiting for, stick in there, and if you are like me, and love the character growth, I’m sure we got a few more episodes to bask in!

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