Private Practice- “A Better Place to Be”

Private Practice. This week’s episode of Private Practice was a good one. Although there is some character development, we are very much up to our elbows in medical cases. It begins with Pete and Addison helping a young pregnant woman who has a tumor in her brain, causing intense pain every time she is touched. Unable to be given pain medication because of her pregnancy, the young woman is in agony and decides she wants to abort the baby. Her husband, on the other hand, wants her to everything in her power to keep the baby, his son. Amelia finds the tumor causing the pain and successfully removes it without harming the baby, creating a happy, pain-free mother and father. Cooper and Sheldon try to help a young boy who is struggling to fit in at school. He is beaten and picked on, and without a father for advice, his mother continues to move him around creating even more of a problem. Even though he speaks with both doctors, the boy tries to commit suicide. He fails, but gets enough attention to get his mother, Sheldon and Cooper in one room. They all come to an agreement that has everyone compromised and happy. The other storyline throughout the episode is the one of Betsey. Betsey is the daughter of Dell, who died at the end of last season. Betsey went to live with Dell’s sister after he died, but ‘Aunt Monica’ dropped her off at the practice saying she could no longer take care of her. This created chaos in the office. The members were split on what to do: some said call child services, some said they owed it to Dell to take care of her. Violet decides to come let her stay with her, Pete and Lucas. Eventually Violet declares she wants to adopt Betsey, but Pete objects saying that the two of them are not ready for that. Sam and Addison decide they cannot take in the girl. Charlotte tells Cooper no, and Naomi is out of town, so Betsey, much to Violet’s horror is taken by child services. I loved tonight’s episode of Private Practice. I loved the split time on the characters and on the medical stories. Although I was sad for this little girl, I was actually happy that none of the members of the group took her in. I agreed that Violet has just gotten stable. Her and Pete just got married and they already have one child. They need this time just as their family to grown and be able to withstand when hard times come. Addie and Sam just became a ‘couple’. There is no way they could take on a child. Especially since they have yet to even get their ‘honeymoon’ phase yet. They were on again off again for the first episode, had to deal with Naomi the next, and last episode they spent battling his demons. They number one are no where near ready for a child and they need to just get some quality couple time together. Cooper and Charlotte aren’t even married yet. I wish Naomi was there and could take in the girl, but I completely respect the choice to not have her stay with any of the current practice members. But it was a great story line which brought up a lot of painful memories and conversations that will, I’m sure become important in the near future. Overall it was a great episode, so give it a watch!

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