Running Wilde “The Junior Affair”

When Puddle’s boyfriend, Lane, breaks up with her right before the school dance, Steve and Emmy are catapulted into the past. Lane claims to have broken up with her because she’s not rich and his father doesn’t approve, the exact reason Steve broke up with Emmy all those years ago. But this time, they have the resources to change Puddle’s situation that seems oh so familiar to them. As always, things don’t go as planned.

Steve decides to confront Lane’s father, Dan, but can’t because he’s reminded of his own father’s rejection. While Emmy fakes an empty gas tank to talk to find out the truth from Lane. Fa’ad tries to give Steve some tough-guy advice for dealing with Dan Thorngood. But miscommunication leads Mr. Thorngood thinking Steve’s attempt to confront him is actually a date invitation. Meanwhile, Emmy continues to stalk Lane to find out why he broke up with Puddle and unknowingly Lane develops a crush on her. Both Lane and his father are smitten.

Confusion abounds as Steve and Emmy spend more and more time with father and son. Steve even washes Dan’s car…without his shirt on…and very flirty. Just imagine Will Arnett in a gay wrestling match not wearing a shirt. Lane thinks he’s going to the dance as Emmy’s date and Dan thinks he’s going as Steve’s date. What about Puddle?

Right before the dance, Dan kisses Steve, who stills seems to see him as a father figure not a boyfriend. The gay-loving continues between Dan and Steve while at the dance too. A confrontation between Emmy, Puddle and Lane reveals that Puddle lied about the break-up to keep Emmy and Steve from chaperoning the dance. And when Fa’ad shows up to rescue Steve, Dan’s secret comes out (no pun intended). All ends well as Steve and Emmy finally realize what was really going on the whole time. And Puddle finds a new tween to date.

Heather is a recent West Coast transplant and can't remember what humidity feels like. She spends most of her time (& money) watching movies, marathoning TV shows on DVD, attending concerts, reading, eating vegetables, attending conventions (San Diego Comic-Con, New York Comic Con, Dragon*Con so far!), blogging about her quarter-life crisis, downing coffee and traveling the world. She likes comic books, photography, reading on the Metro bus and wearing cold weather clothes despite the actual temperature in Southern California.

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