The Office “Sex Ed”

When Michael reveals to the office that he has a cold sore, a form of herpes, the office turns into a middle school sex ed classroom. While Dwight and Michael confront Michael’s past lovers to discover the source of the “herpes”, Andy decides to teach the rest of the office basic sex education.

When Michael calls Holly, she tells him that he romanticizes his past relationships as something they weren’t. So Michael goes on a journey to confront his old flames to find out if Holly is right (also tell them he has herpes). He meets up with Carol, Jan and Helena. They all agree that Michael is unrealistic about his past relationships when he remembers them.

Back at the office, Andy keeps the office in the conference room asking uncomfortable questions about their sex lives. Eventually Gabe realizes that the whole thing stems from Andy’s regret and jealousy of losing Erin to him. After confronting all of his past women, Michael calls Holly to reveal to her that of all the women he dated, he felt very differently about her. He still cared for her and really missed their relationship.

I always love when the characters are confined to a small area, such as the conference room. Hilarity always ensues. The best scenes of the best episodes always occur when group meetings go on. I thoroughly enjoyed those scenes in this episode.

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