The Closer “An Ugly Game”

The Season 6 finale of The Closer wasn’t quite as dramatic as I’d hoped but did bring more insight into Fitz’s (Jon Tenney) alcoholic past.

When a stock broker turned druggie is picked up on skid row, Major Crimes takes the case. What seems to be a minor drug bust turns into a missing persons case when the keys of a stolen Mercedes are found on the druggie. Upon further investigation, it’s discovered that the driver of the car, a young college student, is MIA.

Brenda is manipulated by the druggie causing her to be led off course towards an alternative suspect. But Detective Gabriel isn’t fooled. He goes over Brenda’s head to Chief Pope. When Fritz comes to talk to Brenda about her possible mistake, he tells her of his addictive past to show her how addicts will do anything to misplace blame. Brenda feels used and the last thing you ever want to do is piss off Brenda.

After discovering the stolen car and the dead body of a girl in the trunk, the case heats up and the clock is ticking to find the other missing girl. Brenda tricks and manipulates the druggie into confessing both the car jacking and murder. He then reveals the location of the missing girl not realizing that he putting the nails in his own coffin.

The case is solved and the bad guy goes to jail. Another successful season of The Closer is over.

The Seventh and FINAL season of The Closer will air Summer 2011 on TNT.

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