Comic-Con: Thursday

I can’t stress how much planning for Comic-Con DIDN’T matter today. Our schedule flew out the window from the moment we got on the bus. Here’s what went down at Comic-Con today…

We spent the first three hours of Thursday standing in line to secure our passes for 2012. After that mess, we headed to the autograph area to check the schedule for handing out tickets. Next, we stood in line for an hour at Ballroom 20, just for the experience.

By noon, the line-sitting lost it’s sparkle so we headed down for our first visit to the Exhibit Hall. It’s crazy. Honestly, it’s hard to explain the madness of the exhibit hall but we were able to get some swag and meet the cast of Archer. So, I’d say it was a success.

By 2pm, we were exhausted but the day was far from over. We went to a signing at G4 for Chris Hardwick and then made it over to the Hilton for the Archer panel. Thanks to Adam, we had outstanding first row seats. Got to watch a new episode with the cast sitting right behind us.

After Archer, we decided to divide and conquer. I headed to the Wilfred Screening and panel while Brittany headed for the Harry Potter Fandom panel. After staring at Elijah Wood for an hour, we went to get our seats to wait out the panels before the Torchwood Screening of the third episode.

Surprise! The cast of Torchwood: Miracle Day showed up to watch the episode with us. Pictures from throughout the day below.

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