Parks and Recreation “Ron & Tammys”

Leslie and the rest of the staff try to work on the budget for the year but Ron’s Tammys can’t stay away. Tammy #1 comes back under the ruse of auditing him but instead regains control of his life. Leslie and April visit Tammy #2 and finally his mother Tammy to try to help him. They have a drink-off over Ron’s freedom.

Chris and Ann work on a Healthy Lifestyle PSA but Chris won’t quit until it’s perfect..which means never.

Ben tries to help Tom with his business finances but finds it impossible to reason with him…but ends up with an iPad anyway.

Quotes from the Episode:

“I don’t even know her but she’s my hero.” -April Ludgate

“She’s the cold, distant mother I never had…I love her.” -April Ludgate

“Let’s do one more, then five more, then twenty in a row.” -Chris Traeger

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