REVIEW: Revenge “Trust”

The second episode of REVENGE was more enjoyable than the first for me. In the Pilot, Emily moved into her father’s old Hamptons beach house to start ruining everyone who was involved in putting her father in prison.

This week, Emily took on her next victim: Bill Harman, one of her dad’s best friends who ultimately betrayed him.

She met him at a polo match, where all business transactions take place if you’re rich and in the Hamptons. She played him before ultimately giving him false information causing him to lose billions of dollars. Check him off the list. I’m curious to see where the show will go once she’s checked everyone off the list.

Nolan bought the boat for the small price of Jack Porter being his friend through the summer. Meanwhile, Declan Porter tries to get in with the rich crowd by impressing them but of course it backfires and the youngest Grayson’s crew beats him up unbeknownst to her. As if the Porter family didn’t have enough problems financially, their father collapses at the end of the episode leaving their future up in the air.

Nolan buys the beach house for Emily after Victoria Grayson tries to buy Emily’s departure from the Hamptons. (There seems to be a pattern of Nolan buying whatever he wants.) Victoria is suspicious and orders her security team to look into Emily’s past and keep track of her at all times. Then, Emily went on her first date with Daniel Grayson turning into a Housewarming Party once she was confirmed to have the beach house. Does she really care about Daniel or is she just using him? It appears to be genuine affection but she’s very good at putting up a front.

Next week we’ll be one step closer to the mysterious events that occurred at the Engagement Party.

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