Up All Night “Cool Neighbors”

Wow. UP ALL NIGHT returned with a bang. After last week’s pilot, I was concerned for the show being able to compete on Wednesday nights. I’m still concerned with the competition but with the second episode, they’re definitely moving in the right direction.

New “hip” neighbors move-in across the street from Reagan and Chris. They feel the need to prove to the neighbors (and themselves) that they’re still cool. Ava can’t stand not having everyone like her so she tries to buy Amy (a baby)’s affection with a “baby wallet” and “baby purse.”

As much as Reagan and Chris try to impress the neighbors, they can’t help but call the police when they’re getting too rowdy. Immediately regretting that decision, they try to cover but things don’t always go the way you hope.

Overall, the episode was full of pop culture references and jokes. All three stars: Christina Applegate (Reagan), Will Arnett (Chris) and Maya Rudolph (Ava) shone in this episode more than the pilot. Somehow they are relatable to both parents and non-parents alike while remaining hysterically ridiculous.

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