REVIEW: Castle “Kick the Ballistics”

When Ryan’s gun shows up in an investigation of a college student’s murder, the team suspects a serial killer, 3XK, that they’ve been looking for. But why did the killer stray from his usual M.O.?

One thing I love about Castle is that it’s about the case 90% of the time. There are emotional stories involving the detectives but they also center around the case. This episode focused on Ryan’s emotional state after discovering his weapon was used in a murder. There was a casual mention that Beckett still doesn’t remember what happened when she got shot (which is a lie). For the most part, the episode focused on the case.

It ended up being a Romeo & Juliet-type of situation instead of the serial killer. Ben Lee is the youngest in a Chinese mafia family. He’s concerned with getting an education, while his brother focuses more on murder. His father hires him a tutor (the murder victim) after her ex-boyfriend recommends her. She also happens to become an informant for the NYPD. (Yes, it’s actually this complicated.)

So the tutor/informant falls in love with Ben (who dreams of a life outside of the mob) and they decide to run away together. Enter “jealous ex-boyfriend” who calls up big-brother Lee, who agrees to “take care of it.” That’s not so subtle mob code for shoot you in the back of the head.

Ryan gets into Ben’s head and convinces him to wear a wire and record his brother confessing. But his paranoid brother figures out what’s happening and pulls a gun on Ben. The police barge in and pull a gun on brother and Ben proceeds to pull a gun too. So the police shoot Ben, but not seriously. He’s placed in the Witness Protection Program while his brother tries to cut a deal by revealing info about 3XK.

Whew. So much happened. But the search for 3XK will continue in another episode I’m sure.

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