Last week, the Two-Part premiere (Genesis I & II) of Terra Nova debuted on FOX.

The show follows the Shannon family, Jim, Elisabeth, Josh, Maddy & Zoe as they forge a way in the new world of our past world. In the year 2149, the Earth as we know it is in dire straits. Pollution is extreme and the sun is almost non-visible.

Jim Shannon is in prison for having a third child but possibly an additional reason that we’re unaware of. It’s against the law to have more than two children, jeopardizing the Shannon family’s chances to enter the new world through a time portal. Essentially it’s a “do-over” where people can travel to an alternate time-stream where the Earth is still viable. Once the family gets there, it isn’t smooth sailing. They fight dinosaurs, rogue settlers, etc. within the first day.

Overall, I enjoyed the first two hours and am intrigued enough to watch.

Episode 3 airs Monday, October 3rd at 8pm.

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