Glee: “Asian F”

So here is a very quick look at what happened on Glee tonight!


I’ve decided to go by characters because I’ve never done that before and it seemed like a fun way to at least try once.

Season 3, Episode 3: Asian F



-So last time we left off Rachel was a shoe in for West Side Story’s Maria. But in this episode, it appears that she will have some competition with Mercedes.

-Diva Off : “Out Here on My Own”

-Rachel knows Mercedes is better so she decides because she has to always win something that she’ll go run for Senior Class President. Against Kurt. Remember that time that Rachel had really great character development and there was a beautiful Hummelberry friendship/power couple going on?! Yeah. Me too. What happened to that?




-Mercedes is letting everyone ‘push her around’ *rolls eyes* (ok, in her defense Mr. Schuester was waaaay out of line yelling at her like that) so turns to her new boyfriend who reminds her that she always says she is Beyonce but then acts like that other girl from DreamGirls instead.

-Mercedes then goes to the Maria auditions and belts out “Spotlight”. (Man that girl can sing!)

-She ends up in a Diva Off with Rachel and rocks “Out Here on My Own”

-Somewhere in there she throws a huge temper tantrum and the cast sings “It’s All Over” and Mercedes quits/gets kicked out of New Directions.

-Mercedes is offered a ‘joint roll’ with Rachel as Maria but throws yet another fit and declines the part.

-Lastly she is seen asking Idina Menzel for a roll in her choir.

-I’ve never really liked Mercedes. Of course I appreciated her friendship with Kurt and that she was there when he needed her. But I’ve never really cared for her character. But I’m always open for good character development or writers giving me a reason to change my mind about anyone. This did not do that. They finally gave Mercedes a story line and the entire time she sounded like an non-appreciative, pretentious, whinny child. (AND SHE IS SUPPOSED TO BE OLDER THAN BLAINE?! God give me the strength…)

-In other news, Amber Riley can SING. And I wish they would give her plots I would actual like and care about.


Brittany & Santana:

-I’ll lump them together because they are pretty much one freaking awesome power couple.

-Brittany is still running for President and as a campaign strategy, has a flash mob in the school.

– Run The World (Girls): WOW. WOW. Oh my god. Heather Morris knocked this one out of the park. I am still fanning myself. The girl is hot. And can dance like- well like very few people in the world. It was wonderful and really secured her position as a potential Presidential candidate.



-Oh Mike Chang! FINALLY. I swear, I was scared this boy would graduate and I would still know absolutely nothing about him! But we got a storyline! And a wonderful one at that!

-Mike got an A- on a Chemistry test (an Asian F) and his father goes to complain to the school. We see the intense pressure this kid is under from his parents. He is a football star, prefect student, and dancer extraordinaire and that doesn’t seem to be enough. His parents want to take him out of Glee because he needs to get into Harvard and they think singing/dancing/Tina is a distraction.

-Mike is devastated because he loves Glee, he loves dancing, and he wants to grow up to be an artist.

-Although he is supposed to be at tutoring he goes to the West Side Story auditions and belts out “Cool”. He has been “practicing his singing” and sounds and dances great.

-His mom find out and he has a beautiful heart-to-heart with his mother who admits that she was never aloud to learn to dance because of her parents and she doesn’t want that to happen to her son. They dance together and it really was a beautiful moment.



Kurt & Blaine:


-Yes I’m lumping my gorgeous, perfect, wonderful Klaine into one group. UNFORTUNATELY for the world, Klaine didn’t have much air time this episode. But they did get a few moments.

-Kurt is up in the Presidential polls before Brittany flashmobs the school.

-Hummelberry has gone to the dogs.

-Kurt is being knocked down and kicked before he can get back up. Poor boy cannot catch a break this season.

-BUT in midst of this awful time for him, he does find it in his heart to bring flowers to his beautiful beau. Kurt knows that Blaine will get Tony in the musical so he brings him flowers to show him just how proud he is. Blaine is shocked and understands the difficulty of the gesture from his boyfriend, who wanted Tony himself, which makes him love Kurt that much more.

-The two ALMOST share a kiss but Blaine decides against due to the fact that they are on the stairwell of their homophobic, hateful public school. (What is it with these boys and staircases?) It was a very sad moment for all Klainers, who are basically desperate for another kiss at this point, and for the simple fact that the two madly in love boys cannot share a simple kiss in the halls of their school for fear of serious safety consequences. Heartbreaking.



Well, that about covers it. I know there was more (Will/Emma, perhaps) but the rest I wasn’t really a fan of/wasn’t really important to the plot. Plus my mother always taught me if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all. And I have absolutely nothing nice to say about Will Scheuster’s cover of “Fix You”. So I’ll leave it at that.

Also because I love you all, here is one of the most perfect promo pictures you’ll ever see:

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