PARKS AND RECREATION is consistently one of the funniest shows on television. Here’s my review and a few of my favorite lines from last night’s episode, “Meet N Greet”.

In this week’s Halloweeny episode of Parks and Recreation, Andy and April throw a Halloween party while Leslie and Tom try to drum up some campaign buzz around town.

April and Andy forget a minor detail in their party plans: telling their roommate Ben that they’re having a party. Instead of telling them what’s wrong, Ben passive-aggressively storms around the house during the party. Finally Andy confronts him and makes him so mad that he lashes out…breaking Andy’s nose.

Meanwhile, Tom tries to hide the fact that his business is going under by going overboard (shocker) at a campaign party for Leslie. By pulling all of the attention onto himself (another shocker), he makes some waves with possible important supporters of Leslie’s campaign. But after he reveals to Leslie that he’s bankrupt, he tries to fix everything he messed up by (actually) helping Leslie make a campaign video.

Another hilarious episode this week. Here are some of my favorite lines. But to do them justice, you should probably stream the episode on Hulu.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to be a rug.” -Tom Haverford

“You’re beautiful…on the inside, where your spirit lives.” -Chris Traeger

“Most people would probably say “the dets”, I say “the tails.” That’s an example of innovation.” -Tom Haverford

“Why don’t you go over to one of your rugs and sit on your own face!” -Leslie to Tom

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