REVIEW: Revenge “Duplicity”

Crazy stuff went down on last night’s Revenge. Here are my thoughts:

Emily chooses her latest victim, Dr. Banks (her therapist), to take revenge on. When she was young and her dad was taken to prison, her therapist suggested she be institutionalized after being bought off by Victoria Grayson. Emily obviously wasn’t a fan of that method of therapy and has the resources now to take revenge.

Meanwhile, Jack and Declan are trying to figure out what to do with the bar now that their father isn’t around. Declan wants to seek it and get the money but Jack isn’t sure that’s the best idea. Declan is still Pershing Charlotte Grayson, who actually seems more than a little interested in him. But is she just trying to piss off her mother?

At a Mother-Daughter charity tea, Emily puts a video on display that reveals some of the therapy sessions that she, Victoria & other Hampton elite had with the good doctor. The embarrassment rating is high as Charlotte is given even more reasons to hate her mother. Victoria views to ruin the doctor’s life. Yippee. When Victoria’s “security team” goes to visit the doctor, it’s discovered that she’s already been robbed and kidnapped. But by whom?

Daniel’s college friend is causing more harm than good in the Hamptons. He manages to keep Daniel and Emily apart and then get Daniel drunk for the first time in a year. WTF. I don’t approve of their friendship.

A dark-shadowy figure stands outside of a shipping container where the doctor is trapped and yelling for release. Uh oh. It’s Emily! She kidnapped the doctor and put her in the shipping carton belonging to the Graysons. Sneaky. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

Oh yeah, Mr. Grayson is still cheating on his wife with her best friend and Emily finds out that Victoria was in love with her father.

Until next week…


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