REVIEW: Terra Nova “The Runaway”

I was lucky enough to screen episode 5 and attend a Terra Nova Panel at New York Comic Con this past weekend. Both Jason O’Mara (Jim) and Stephen Lang (Taylor) were there to answer burning fan questions. Here is what happened in episode 5 of Terra Nova.

The soldiers keeping watch of Terra Nova notice some movement in the forest and go out to investigate. But instead of a Dino, they discover a young runaway Sixer, Leah. At first she’s pretty quiet but then starts to grow fond of the Shannon family after she’s invited to stay with them. Mira and the other Sixers show up demanding her return but she elects to stay in Terra Nova. Happy ending…but holy crap, she’s a spy! Mira sent her to retrieve a mysterious box from inside Terra Nova. As Taylor points out, she’s the perfect spy. Too young to be suspected but old enough to be capable. I’ll admit that her innocent look fooled me at first too.

After discovering her master plan, they detain her and she reveals that Mira is keeping her brother, Sam. That’s why she agreed to infiltrate Terra Nova. But wait, she’s kind of become untrustworthy after her first story fell through. How can they believe her story. Taylor doesn’t and refuses to investigate. Jim’s a little more trusting and on a hunch believes her. So he heads into the forest to look for her brother.

Meanwhile, Taylor’s trying to figure out who the spy within Terra Nova is. Someone told Mira that they had Leah and has been feeding intel to the Sixers. Can he really trust anyone? Reynolds is making his intentions clear when it comes to Maddie. He announces that he’s courting her to both Jim and Maddie. It’s always good to have some comic relief in a tense episode.

One of the best scenes is when Jim is hanging upside down in the forest and the dinosaur is playing cat and mouse with him. Needless to say, his solo plan fails and he ends up in a pinch when he’s captured by some Sixers. Instead of killing him, Mira just messes with his mind by revealing some answers and creating more doubt concerning the secrets of Taylor and Terra Nova. She reveals that some important people from 2149 don’t like Taylor and have blackmailed her (by keeping her daughter) into taking Taylor down. But why don’t they like Taylor? She’s pretty cryptic but lets Jim go. There’s only so much we can ask for.

In the end, Mira proves she isn’t completely evil and let’s Sam reunite with his sister. But how can Jim ignore everything Mira told him. Can he really trust Taylor? Is he on the right side of history?

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