REVIEW: Castle “Heartbreak Hotel”

Atlantic City, baby! This week, Castle and the boys head to Atlantic City to investigate a murder. Castle decides to use this opportunity to throw Detective Ryan an IBPWOC (Impromptu Bachelor Party While On Case). Meanwhile, Beckett has to spend some time with her new boss.

Although Alexis broke up with Ashley last week, she’s rethinking her decision. So Castle suggests she have a girls night while he’s in Atlantic City. Somehow that turns into a wild party that Alexis loses control of.

Meanwhile, Castle and the boys get kicked out of the suspect’s casino after they accuse him of murder. Turns out the murder victim was his business partner and they had a tiny disagreement about $10 million! But they dress up as performing Elvis’ to get past security…and it works until they get kicked out again.

It seems to me that Beckett kind of missed Castle’s company while working on this case. And the big boss appears to notice too. She tells Kate that without “distractions” she could be a much better cop. I got what she was hinting at there. But how will Kate react to the realization that she likes having Castle around?

It’s safe to say that Castle solves the mystery of the murder and $10 million. And while you always assume that if there’s a mob guy on the show, he’s the killer, it’s not the case in this one.

Alexis manages to clean up after the party and return the house to normal before her father returns home. But I’m pretty sure he had a massive hangover and wouldn’t notice too much anyway.

CASTLE returns November 21 with what looks like a very intense episode involving emotions.

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