Review: Glee- “The First Time”

Hey guys!

So it is Friday night and Glee was on Tuesday night, and I have yet to stop flailing enough to write this post.

Glee is one of those things that I totally didn’t care about a year and a half ago but now cannot stop being obsessed with. And yes, I am one of the easy ones, I came back and got re-addicted for Darren Criss. And of course there is the gorgeous and always hilarious Chris Colfer. So naturally I am a Kurt and Blaine (Klaine) fan. Fan is probably the biggest understatement of the year.

Nonetheless, this episode was always going to be a big one for me. “The First Time” is basically what it sounds like, an episode about a few of the characters and having sex for the first time.

But enough about that, on to the actual episode!

If you have missed it, or just forgot, McKinnley High School is putting on a West Side Story production. Blaine is Tony, Rachel is Maria, and Artie is the student director. Artie thinks that Rachel and Blaine are lacking passion as Tony and Maria. He questions how they can play having a sexual awakening if they themselves have never had one. So he suggests they get one.(which is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, by the way, but it leads to Klaine sex, so I’ll go with it…)

So Klaine is hanging out in Blaine’s bedroom (BLAINE’S BEDROOM. Excuse my flails) after school. Blaine is dancing around his room while Kurt’s lays on his bed and contemplates their sex life. (Or lack thereof) He asks Blaine if he ever has “the urge to rip each other’s clothes off and get dirty” (which excuse me while I die) Blaine replies that is what masturbation is for. (We are only 5 minutes in people. Five minutes and Kurt’s suggested ripping clothes and getting dirty while on Blaine’s bed and Blaine implies masturbation about Kurt. Yeah…) But the scene still ends sweet with Blaine telling Kurt that they are going slow because they want the other to be comfortable and that’s the most important part. Plus, it would be hard to rip through all of Kurt’s layers. [Insert sweet kiss here].

Next Blaine goes to visit the Warblers at Dalton. (!!!) Our favorite uniformed, harmonizing boys are in the middle of practicing a number (of course)- “Uptown Girl”. Nick, played by the beautiful, brilliant Curt Mega, is the new head Warbler and knocks this one out of the park. It’s a great cover and it’s just wonderful to have the Warblers back! The newest Warbler is a Mr. Sebastian Smyth who cannot stop making eyes at our little Blaine Anderson. Sebastian has heard a lot about Blaine  and is curious, so they sit down for a talk. Sebastian wants Blaine, Blaine is all bashful and oblivious. But he does start to think that he and Kurt might be a little too unadventurous for teenagers.

Blaine and Sebastian go get coffee and the newest Warbler continues his shameless flirting. Kurt shows up and goes into possessive mode. (and it’s the greatest ever) Sebastian suggests that they all go to this gay bar on the otherside of town.

They all get fake IDs and head over there. Blaine has a beer and dances with Sebastian while Kurt hangs out at the bar and runs into who else? Last season’s bully  Dave Karofsky. Dave is going to a different school now and says he really fits in at this bar and is happy with how life has turned out. I will give Glee points for continuity here, because they usually just have someone disappear and not address it. But it was nice to see Karofsky again, and to know how his story turned out.

After some Klaine dancing, the pair decide to leave. Blaine is somehow drunk off this one beer and tries to get Kurt to have sex right then in the back of the car. Kurt is hurt and offended and wants nothing to do with that. He refuses and Blaine jumps out of the car and says he’ll walk home and that he was just trying to be “spontaneous and fun”.

The next day the group puts on a wonderful performance of West Side Story. Blaine stays after to practice some dance moves. Kurt comes to tell him how great he was. They both apologize, Kurt telling Blaine is just a silly romantic. Blaine shushes him with a sweet kiss. They both get emotional then Kurt tells Blaine he wants to go to his house. (!!!)

Well I guess it is my fault for hoping for some legit sex on a network, 8pm, family show, but I was at least hoping for some bed making out and maybe a shirtless shot or two.

BUT, Glee went with the sweet, couple laying on the bed staring lovingly into each other’s eyes, slowly and beautifully intertwining hands. All the while, Rachel and Blaine singing “One Hand, One Heart” between shots.

And as much as I wanted more, it was beautiful, a very touching and sweet scene made to show you how in love the characters are and how important that was opposed to sex just being about the physical. And I really do applaud them on that.

Overall, this was a solid ‘A’ episode of Glee, by far the best of the season. They fit a lot, a lot of things into lots of different story lines but really (for once) did it very well.

Oh yeah. And Kurt and Blaine had SEX. That in itself gets them an ‘A’.

What'd you think?