Review: Gossip Girl “I Am Number Nine”

Season 5 Episode 6:

So this was my first episode watching live, on account of the fact that the last time this show aired, I had yet to even see one episode… But it was exciting! There is something so fun about watching something when everyone else is and reacting on social media sites along with everyone else! But apparently a bunch of you missed it and a few people on Tumblr were asking for recaps! SO I’m getting this one up fast!

So basically, if you remember in the last episode, Dan had given Serena the movie rights for his book on the one condition that he could be the screenwriter for the film. Serena  agreed, but her boss had different ideas. She basically tricked Serena into getting Dan to quit as the screen writer so she could get someone more famous attached to the project. And so that she could turn Dan’s character into this evil, “zuckerberg” like character. When Serena finds out, she and Diane somehow kill the movie all together. Dan is at first extremely, and understandably angry at Serena before realizing that she did it to save his reputation.

Blair has gone a bit bridezilla on us. (Which I’ve got to admit makes me very happy! I miss old Blair!) So she gets her three minions (plus Charlie) to compete to figure out which one gets to be one of her bridesmaids. Their task was to get Nate to kiss them at the big party that night being thrown for Diane’s new company.

Nate finds out that Diane is bringing another man to the party after lecturing him about how they cannot go together. Basically Charlie ends up winning as Blair’s bridesmaid by using Nate, who was trying to make Diane jealous for bringing this other another man to the party.

So we find out that Prince Louis was paying the therapist chick to spy on Chuck and make him go crazy to remind Blair why she broke up with him. Chuck finds out and confronts Louis and the therapist at the party in front of everyone. Blair is very upset at Louis but reassures him that she loves him and not Chuck. Louis reveals that he saw the paternity envelope (although I’m not really sure if he ever actually opened it. He says he saw that is what it was, but never says he looked. So I’m still holding out for Baby Bass…) But Blair assures him that its his baby and she only got the test to know, but wasn’t planning on breaking it off with him no matter who the test revealed the baby daddy was.

So then Chuck comes over to Blair’s to apologize. Here I was thinking it was going to be for embarrassing her in front of everyone at the party. But no. Chuck knows he is changing, he is becoming a new, grown up man. And he realizes that the only way to move on or get peace or get better at all, is to lay it all out there. So Chuck apologizes to Blair for EVERYTHING. He says he’s sorry for getting mad at her (aka punching that glass that cuts her face), for treating her as property, for not telling her he loved her enough, not fighting for her, etc. He tells her what a wonderful person she is for never giving up on those she loves and he tells her that because of that she is going to make a great mother. (cue the waterworks)

And that is how this episode ends. I would have given it a C-, until the Chuck/Blair scene and now I’ll give it a B-. And that is not just because I am a huge Chuck/Blair fan, but because the whole episode just had this crazy disconnect. It felt rushed and pointless. I didn’t feel like it was a normal Gossip Girl episode. Everyone had their own crazy story lines and even when they all came together for this party, none of the main cast members even talked to each other, or were even near each other. And when the few that did actually talked it was all betrayal and he said, she said, you did this, then I did that. And yes, it’s supposed to be a show on general gossip and scandal and scheming. But everything about it all felt wrong. Besides Blair and her minions, a few Dan/Serena moments, and Chuck and Blair’s heart to heart.

Here’s to hoping next week gets it back on track!

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