REVIEW: New Girl “Thanksgiving”

Ok, we’re six episodes into NEW GIRL and I’m ready to say that I really enjoy the show.

This week, Jess invited her work-crush (guest-star Justin Long) over to the apartment to celebrate Thanksgiving. The guys aren’t thrilled as all they want to do is watch the football game. Jess tries to force the guys to like Paul (Long) but things go awry leading to a huge confrontation between Nick and Jess.

But honestly, Zooey Deschanel’s rambling-awkward tangents are the most consistent thing on the show. Nick has had very funny story lines but this episode, he kind of fell flat. Schmidt was actually the funniest guy this week (other than Justin Long’s Paul). Schmidt’s OCD kitchen tendencies showed a greater depth to a character that had until this point been a one-dimensional jerk. The throw-away line that Winston said to Nick about Paul actually caring enough to ask about his grandfather really highlights the selfishness of Nick at this point. He’s been so caught up in his own woes, Winston feels more connected to a complete stranger.

I’m not sure how I feel about this potential romance between Jess and Nick. There seems to be hints of tension in the episode this week and I couldn’t tell if Nick was jealous, selfish, protective or all of the above. In the past, Nick has been my favorite character, especially since he seems to have such great comedic chemistry with Jess. But Zooey’s dead-panned delivery remains to be the highlight of the show for me.

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