REVIEW: Once Upon A Time “Snow Falls”

This week we finally learned the story of how Snow White and Prince Charming met. And it’s not your Disney happily ever after…it’s better! Here’s what went down on the latest episode of ONCE UPON A TIME.


Mary’s class volunteers at the hospital where a John Doe is in a coma. Henry’s convinced that it’s Prince Charming so he comes up with a brilliant plan for Mary (aka Snow White) to read the story to him while he’s in a coma to remind him who he is. Mary and Emma agree that playing along with Henry is the best way for him to realize what’s real and what isn’t. But when Mary reads to coma-boy, he grabs her hand. Before they can figure out John Doe’s deal, he goes missing. So you tell me, how does a guy in a coma escape the hospital? Out the backdoor of course and into the woods. The Mayor takes Henry home where he immediately escapes again. Meanwhile, Mary starts questioning Emma about her past. Emma’s hesitant to tell her Henry’s theory that Snow White/Mary is her Mother. Talk about freaky. I wouldn’t tell her either. Meanwhile, they find John Doe and he doesn’t remember who he is. Then his WIFE (his fiancee-to-be before he met Snow White in Story Book Land) appears and the Mayor looks more smug than usual. Henry’s still convinced that John Doe was searching for Mary and Emma smells something fishy with the Mayor’s version of things. Is she starting to believe Henry’s tales?

Story Book Land

Prince Charming is chasing a thief through the forest and guess who it turns out to be…SNOW WHITE! She lifted his prized ring that he was about to use to propose to another girl for some sort of business transaction/arranged marriage. He blackmails Snow into taking him to where she sold the stolen goods…how every true love story begins. Turns out Snow White isn’t the Queen’s biggest fan and thought the carriage she was stealing from was hers. Instead, she and Charming run into some trouble. The Queen’s out to get her heart. And when Prince Charming saves her from the Queen’s Henchmen, Snow’s a little confused about his intentions. When the trolls who Snow sold the stolen booty to get violent, things take a turn and Snow ends up saving Charming. How’s that for a twist on convention? They seem a little reluctant to part after they both get what they want.

Will John Doe ever remember his true identity (and true love!)? How did Snow and Charming end up married with a kid? I’m sure these answers and more will be revealed in future episodes…

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3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Once Upon A Time “Snow Falls”

  1. Good synopsis. You should put more of your opinion into the review, or at least into a comment afterwords or something. It would be good to know what other people think about the episode. I thought it was pretty good over all. The bit where Snow and Charming were talking about the the arranged marriage being a merger instead of a takeover sounded too much like a business transaction. The conversation would have made more sense in the real world instead of the Fairy Tale world. When the characters use real world terms and language in the fantasy world, it’s a little jarring and takes you out of the episode for a moment. Other than that though it was a solid episode.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I will try to put more of my opinion in the future. I agree with you on the use of “real world” language in the fairytale world. I’m interested to see how they got from the end of this episode to marriage! Maybe there will be future episodes about that. And the Mayor bringing the “wife” in after he was in the coma was so diabolical. She’s so annoying. I can’t wait for someone to take her down.

  2. Yeah, the Mayor is a terrific villain. She is just so downright mean that you can’t help but hate her, even after getting a glimpse of her side of the story in the last episode. I’m really interested in seeing what Snow did to ruin her life. How is it that a common thief and a queen came to interact in such a profound way? I’m definitely intrigued enough to keep watching.

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