REVIEW: American Horror Story Finale “Afterbirth”

*sigh* the finale of American Horror Story. The FINALE. What am I going to do for 10 months?
So last nights episode cleared up A LOT in a short amount of time. The 70 minute episode gave us a bit more time for lots of information.

First of all, the Harmons are all dead. Yep, all of them. It was almost comical how Ben thought he was getting out of that house alive with his wife’s demon baby. So Ben gets murdered by Hayden and those other bad dudes. (quite anticlimactically I might add…) So yes, the one surviving “member” of the family, Vivien and *shudder* Tate’s demonic baby lives, only to gets kidnapped by Constance.
After a bit, the entire family is dead and it’s time to sell the house again. A new family decided to move in: husband, wife, and teenage son. (They are pretty funny, I enjoyed them.) The Harmon’s and a few others decide that the family (who have just decided to have another baby) cannot stay. And definitely cannot have a baby in this house.

The teenage boy, Gabe, comes into his new room to see Violet going through his albums. She says she is a neighbor, and they talk and flirt a bit. And of course Tate sees them.
So night comes and the plan is set in motion: the Harmons and most of the other ghosts get together to scare the sh** out of these poor people. Vivien and Larry’s wife take the husband in his trance to the stove, while Ben (in the rubber man suit) jumps on the wife in bed. Meanwhile, Tate, acting of his own accord goes to kill the son. My poor baby Tate and his twisted thinking wants to kill this guy so that Violet isn’t alone forever. Because although she has her family, she doesn’t have someone to be with her. Tate thinks she and Gabe will get along and he is a good guy, so Tate wants to kill him so Violet will always have this guy with her. (which oh god, is sick and twisted, but Tate is doing it because this boy is the anti-him. He is normal and social and funny and normal. And Tate wants that for Violet. He wants her to be happy and loved, forever. Even if that means she isn’t with him.) Violet shows up and talks him down, telling him that she said go away but never said goodbye. (I guess she was tricking him so Gabe could run away? I was a bit confused and upset about that…) Gabe and his family get in the car and get out of there as fast as they can.
Then next day Vivien finds her and Ben’s stillborn baby in the basement with Nora. Apparently it took a breath before it died, so now it is forever in the house. Nora has no idea how to take care of a baby so she gives him to Vivien. Vivien asks Moira to be the baby’s godmother. (um, but you’re all already dead… But ok, awww sweet!) The Harmons put up a Christmas tree together and are all a happy dead ghost family. (um, lol, wut?) Tate and Hayden watch together from the other room, rejected and hated by the Harmons who are now the head of the ghost house.(because that happened?)

Its randomly three years later and Constance is getting her hair cut, telling the hairdresser how she has a son. She says she always thought she was destined to be great, but now she’s realized her real destiny is to raise and protect this child (Michael) who is going to be the greatest of them all.
We follow Constance home to see her kitchen covered in prints of blood. Constance walks upstairs into a boy’s bedroom. The babysitter, an older woman, is on the ground, dead, her throat slit. The three year old is sitting in a rocking chair, covered in blood, giggling. (creepiest thing of the episode, by far.)

Overall, it was a pretty good episode. Definitely earns a B. The only issues really I had with it was that is wasn’t a finale episode. I was shocked that the end was actually the end and had to repeatedly check if I had watched the correct episode and that it was actually the finale. Nothing was really tied up, I don’t know what will happen with Tate and Violet. I don’t know if more people will move into the house. I don’t understand why the Harmons are suddenly a happy ghost family and have forgotten all their problems. I don’t know what is up with the demon baby and why it wasn’t addressed until the last 20 seconds. I don’t know why my perfect gay couple was no where to be seen. (especially when there were TWO babies in the house)  I don’t know where all of the other ghosts were and if I’ll ever see them again. I just feel like there are many of huge, important plot issues that were completely ignored. Which I found odd, because it was the finale. And with Ryan Murphy saying next season will be a completely NEW house and a completely new cast, I am just baffled at how we are supposed to be okay and happy with the nonexistent closure that was given at the end of this season. It felt rushed and scattered. I will give them that it was virtually impossible to close up every storyline and answer every question. But there were just some random, long scenes that felt awkward and unnecissary especially in light of all that was missing.

I will say I am sad to see the season go. It was an amazing, amazing first season. Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Tim Menear were absolutely brilliant in the creation, production, and writing of this show. I commend each of them on their incredibly brilliant work. The cinematography should win every award possible because it was some of the most beautifully done and edited television I’ve ever seen. The show overall gets an A in my book. And I am definitely interested to see what they come up with next.

What'd you think?