REVIEW: Once Upon a Time “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”

I’m back! Sorry I missed last week folks, but here is my review of last night’s Once Upon a Time!

Storybrooke and the fairytale world are really starting to bleed together a lot. “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” was a really good example of how the show is evolving as the characters get closer to finding out the truth. By the end, I was unsure of how separate the two realities really are.

This episode starts out with Sheriff Graham and Emma, fighting over Graham sleeping with the Mayor. Emma denies that she cares, just doesn’t want to talk about it, while Graham thinks it is more. He swears he doesn’t feel anything with the Mayor, he cannot feel anything. Emma says she doesn’t care.

So Graham kisses Emma, and has a flash to Fairytale world were he sees a wolf in the woods. Emma pushes him away, angry. The sheriff is desperate and hurt so he runs to sleep with the Mayor.

In Fairytale land, the Evil Queen is Snow White’s step-mother. She murdered Snow’s father but has tricked Snow into trusting and relying on her.

Sheriff Graham is the Huntsman! (Which, let’s be honest, we all knew. But I’ll take him running around in the woods in that outfit anytime) Graham has an intense dream about being in the woods, killing a deer, and seeing a wolf. He panics, leaves the Mayor only to run into the wolf in the middle of town. He chases it down and has a flashback of him about to kill Snow White.

Graham goes to visit Mary and tells her that they know each other from somewhere other than Storybrooke. She thinks he is just ill, and it doesn’t phase her that there are a bunch of things no one in the town can remember. Mary tells him about Henry’s theory about the fairytale world.

The Queen hires The Huntsman to murder Snow White. He takes her into the woods and plans to do the deed. But he ends up sparing Snow White because she has such a pure heart.

Henry tells Graham all about the story and that the Queen takes the Huntsman’s heart because he refused to kill Snow. Graham actually believes Henry’s story and thinks that’s why he cannot feel anything. He knows he has to try to find his heart.

On the way to find the wolf and his heart, Graham runs into Emma. Emma is sweetly concerned about him while he swears he isn’t crazy. As if on cue, they both see the wolf. They chase it to a mausoleum with the Queen’s seal on it.

The Huntsman returns to the Queen without Snow’s heart. The Queen admits that the reason she hates Snow is because she told Snow a secret, Snow told. And as the story goes, the Evil Queen rips out the Huntsman’s heart and locks it up. The Huntsman’s is to become her slave.

The Mayor finds Emma and Graham in mausoleum searching for Graham’s heart. She confronts them, blaming Emma of course. And Graham tell the Mayor he has to stop seeing her because he doesn’t feel anything with or for her.

Catfight! The Mayor and Emma go at each other because the Mayor blames Emma for everything.

Graham and Emma head back to the station, while the Mayor sneaks down the the underground layer where she has all the hearts (including Graham’s) locked up.

Graham and Emma kiss and it’s about to be the cutest thing ever when The Mayor squeezes Graham’s heart so hard that it turns to dust, killing him. He dies in Emma’s arms at the station.

Overall, I really loved this episode. Jamie Dornan (Sheriff Graham) was absolutely brilliant. And I’m so glad that we finally got to his Huntsman episode! I really needed some redemption for that character once we found out about him sleeping with the Mayor. But oh dear god, my heart broke at the end of this. I was so completely caught off guard by Sheriff Graham dying, and I’m devastated. He and Emma had finally gotten together and oh they just ripped it away.

I cannot wait for it to return in January!

What'd you think?