Review: Parks and Recreation, #4.9 The Trial of Leslie Knope

So it comes upon us. The backlash of Beslie’s decision to stay together and screw all the rest (not literally, because that would defeat the purpose of them being an exclusive couple). We see the flashback of them telling Chris that they’re a couple and he doesn’t even know what to do with himself. He tells the couple that he’s shocked, and that he’s happy for them, and, oh yeah, he has to launch a full-scale investigation of the relationship to prove that Leslie hasn’t gotten extra benefits from Ben in the workplace.

Ben comforts Leslie by telling her that even though he can’t be in the courtroom, he’ll be on the other side of the wall, behind a creepy portrait of someone whose face looks like it was attacked by Fenrir Greyback.

Chris is suffering from depression from this whole ordeal, so throughout the trial he is downing B12 pills like they’re water, and jumping up and down to keep his energy up. He calls in witness after witness, trying to prove that Leslie and Ben’s relationship started much earlier than she said, or that they bribed anyone in the process of keeping their relationship a secret.

April’s testimony has to be my favorite; I am absolutely in girl-crush love with Aubrey Plaza.

Leslie battles all of Chris’s accusations with some of the best defenses I’ve ever seen, including a horribly wonderful iMovie of Leslie telling Ann that she and Ben got together. It’s a fake movie trailer and it’s beautiful. It also happens to document the exact date and time that Beslie’s relationship started. In your face, trial.

Everything is going swimmingly for Leslie’s case until Chris calls forth a witness that nobody was expecting. That one guy from Lil’ Sebastian’s memorial who saw Beslie kiss and then was told to keep it a secret? Yeah. He testified. And that’s when Leslie had to admit to bribing him and we were all sure she was going to get fired UNTIL…

She got suspended with pay for like 2 weeks. What?

Turns out Ben met with the court during the recess and resigned effective immediately, stating for the record that he was in love with Leslie. It was actually the most adorable thing ever in the world. So, of course, Leslie went to see Ben WITH the court stenographer, and had her read to Ben that she, Leslie Knope, was in love with Ben Wyatt, too.

Next week we see Leslie forming a social action group while the department struggles with what to get her for Christmas. Happy holidays!

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