REVIEW: Gossip Girl- G.G.

Attention!! There are SPOILERS!!

It’s Gossip Girl recap time! And WOW. What an episode. The 100th! Congrats Gossip Girl!

Basically the episode begins on the day of Blair and Prince Louis’ wedding day! Everyone is invited and even the brunch is packed with all of our favorites.

Serena has been lying to Dan about the need to keep up their fake relationship and Chuck is lying to the priest about helping him ruin the royal wedding.
Blair is as nervous as can be as the hours count down to her trip to the alter and Georgina is trying to find her way into the church. The now ill priest without a partner in crime seems to be her ticket in.

Eleanor, who continues to be my favorite, pays a visit to Chuck and begs him to come stop the wedding. She wanted happiness and success for her daughter, not an inevitable divorce.

Chuck goes to the church to talk to Blair. Blair declares her love for him but says she cannot be with him. (for like the 45th time since the hiatus. You’d think Chuck would’ve thought of a comeback by now but instead he stuck to his shocked, dumbstruck look.) Serena takes Blair to go get her ready for her father (and Cyrus, yay!) to walk her down the isle. Meanwhile, Georgina taped Chuck and Blair’s conversation and gives the tape to Chuck to do with it as he wants. But he choses not to use it (because he is a GOOD MAN) who loves Blair. So Serena sneaks back to tell Chuck of Blair’s true reason for not being with him. (because she made a pact with God that if he saved Chuck from death she’d marry Louis)

But Chuck still doesn’t stop the wedding, he instead just stood in the back of the church as the proceeding start.

The bridal party starts down the isle, then Blair looking stunning. The priest starts the ceremony and says the classic “does anyone object” line. Everyone looks around, Blair looks at Chuck and then Gossip Girl sends a blast and the video of Blair declaring her undying love for Chuck plays.

They pause the wedding as Blair runs back down the isle. She and Chuck go into a room and he swears it wasn’t him, but that he now knows the truth and thinks it’s ridiculous why she won’t be with him. Blair says it doesn’t matter because she watched him die and now this is what she has to do. (which, okay I will give her, because who knows the psychological problems that could come from watching the man that you love essentially die in front of you.) Louis walks in and they decide to go on with the wedding.

So they do. Blair and Louis get married. (I know. I know. [insert my fangirl cries])

Reception time! And it’s time for the last dance before the couple leave for their honeymoon. Louis pulls Blair close and reveals his cards. Their marriage is a sham, a contract. He doesn’t love her and he doesn’t care. They will be the poster couple, go to events, smile, be proper, but behind closed doors, they mean nothing. Louis swears it’ll stay that way until he says so.

Blair calls Dan to come pick her up and they essentially run away together. (except I don’t in anyway think she is “running away with him” I think he is just the one she trusts and can just be there to do what she asks and let her clear her mind.)

Finally we are shown the hands of Gossip Girl typing out her final post. The camera pulls out and IT’S GEORGINA. Yep, there you have it. Georgina is Gossip Girl!

Cannot wait for next week!

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