REVIEW: Revenge “Commitment”

The most recent episode of REVENGE, has Soap Opera written all over it. Illegitimate children, proposals, fights, lies and money all make big appearances.

Not only is Emily managing to convince Daniel to propose with one simple sentence about “honoring her parents”, but he does it within 48 hours! It helps that his father is keeping his full inheritance from him until marriage. Paternity tests abound when Emily finds out Charlotte’s paternity and Victoria doesn’t think Amanda Clark is who she says she is. But Emily’s got someone on the inside and Amanda’s real identity remains a secret. Nolan begins to think that Emily’s gone too far when Jack gets mixed up in it and blood is shed. Emily almost feels bad enough to call off her engagement to Daniel, until she hears more lies Victoria has spread about her father. June it is for the wedding.

Emily’s monomaniacal ways are starting to catch up with her. Is she in over her head?

The shocker that Charlotte is in fact Emily’s half-sister may make for an awkward wedding. And I still have yet to figure out how Emily really feels about Daniel. He has other motives for marriage too but I think Emily’s not that into him. And as much as I pity Victoria occasionally for her massively screwed up life, telling Daniel she was raped is unforgivable. Is she trying to salvage her divorce proceedings? Is this a new strategy? And honestly, someone is gonna tell Charlotte the truth, right? I mean, now half of the town knows and she’s bound to find out. Now that Amanda’s gone for good, will Jack move back to taking an interest in Emily despite her engaged status?

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait more than a week for the next new episode…

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