REVIEW: Once Upon A Time “Skin Deep”

This week’s episode told the story of Beauty and the Beast. It’s similar to Disney’s animated Beauty and the Beast. Rumplestiltskin plays the part of the beast who makes a deal with Belle played by Emilie de Ravin. He agrees to saves her town in exchange she must live with him forever as his caretaker.

As two live together and get to know each other, they start to develop feelings for each other. So much so that Rumplestiltskin lets Belle go into town. On her was back she runs into the Queen. The Queen tells Belle that ‘True love’s kiss will break any curse’ and Rumplestiltskin will become an ordinary man.

When Belle returns to Rumplestiltskin’s estate the two kiss and Rumplestiltskin’s curse starts to reverse. Rumplestiltskin become furious and believes that Belle’s feeling were a trick because how could anyone love a beast. He throws her out. Sometime later the Queen visits and tells Rumplestiltskin how when Belle arrived home her father shunned her and she eventually threw herself over a tower and died.

Meanwhile it’s Valentine’s Day in Storybrook and Ruby, Ashely, and Mary Margaret decided to have a girls night. While Ruby flirting with guys, Mary Margaret and Ashley are not having much fun because they cannot be with the person they want to be with. This changes for Ashley when Sean shows up during his break from work and proposals to her. She says yes and decides to spend the rest of his break with him. Mary Margaret leaves early and runs into David. She realizes that they need to find a better way to be together after David gives her the wrong Valentine’s Day card.

Emma does not participate in girl’s night because she is busy doing sheriff work. Earlier in the day Moe French, the alternate version Belle’s father, robbed Mr. Gold’s house and stole something very important to Mr. Gold. Mr. Gold finds Mr. French before Emma can and starts beating him. At first it seem the Gold just want to know where the stolen item is but then it looks like Gold is attacking Mr. French because “she gone forever, she not coming back and it’s your (Mr.French) fault”. Gold continues the beating until Emma show up, stops and arrests him.

While Mr. Gold is behind bars Regina visits him and the two have a private conversation. Regina reveals that she has the missing item the she had Mr. French steal but before she will return it Mr Gold but he must answer the question “What is your name”?. After initially avoiding question he finally answers with “Rumplestiltskin” revealing that he remembers the fairytale world. As promised Regina returns the stolen item which turns out to be a chipped tea cup. It’s the same one that Belle chipped when she first became Rumplestiltskin’s caretaker.

In the last scene of episode we see Regina at the hospital entering a hidden mental ward. She visits a cell and inside is the alternate version of Belle.

I really enjoyed this episode. A lot of it might be because I am a fan of the Beauty and the Beast story. For example I really enjoy all the callbacks to the Disney film like the the chipped cup and the yellow gown.

I also enjoy how dark the show is getting. For example the beating of Mr. French was pretty brutal. It was depicted in am way which allowed it to be dark but without being graphic. Instead it leaves more to the viewer imagination since The visual of Gold’s beating was juxtapose with Rumplestiltskin destroying a china cabinet. Also once it was revealed that Gold remembered the fairytale world his motives for beating Mr. French became apparent. It was payback for how he shunned Belle after her returned home in the fairytale world.

Also I loved the power play between Gold and Regina. It will be interesting to watch the two interact now they are as Gold said being honest with each other. I can’t wait to see what will happen next.

What'd you think?