Did this week’s FRINGE #ChangeYourWorld?

Anyone else enjoying the hashtags for #Fringe every Friday? This week, #ChangeYourWorld was a major trending topic around the world. And FOX has taken notice. It’s been reported that they will have sponsored hashtags every episode for the rest of the season! But on to more important things. Last week was A Short Story About Love but how could this week even compare?

Normally when the UST (unresolved sexual tension) is resolved on a show between the “will they/won’t they” couple, the show loses it’s pizzaz. Well, Olivia and Peter have technically been a couple for over a year but haven’t actually been “together” at all. Whether it was flashing back to their childhood, William Bell inhabiting Olivia’s body or flashing forward to Olivia’s death, Season 3 wasn’t really a bed of roses. And Season 4 began with Peter not even existing. Not quite the happily ever after that Polivia fans were hoping for. But last week, Peter discovered that this Olivia is in fact his Olivia. Yay! Confetti all around and such. But how could this couple getting together AGAIN keep the same pizzaz of seasons of longing? This week, we saw how a happy Peter and Olivia (well, as happy as you ever can be on FRINGE) cope with their life of nauseatingly happy romance.

This week’s episode “Nothing As It Seems” may have seemed a little familiar. If it did, it’s because it began almost exactly like a previous episode of FRINGE (Season 1 flashback!), in the blue timeline. The key is the word “almost.” Just like slight things are different in every universe, things don’t end exactly the same in this almost identical scenario. In fact, it’s the same guy, on the same flight, with the same people…except the plane doesn’t crash. He makes it off of the plane before turning into a porcupine. When the case is first described, Peter’s all “Hey, I got this one boys” until Lincoln reveals that although a lot of things are lining up, it’s not quite the same. Metaphor anyone?

Meanwhile, Olivia is only 60% right about her life. I mean, it’s better than 50/50 but still a failing grade. And huge facts about her life aren’t registering. Anyone else concerned with the fact that Olivia seems so unconcerned? I guess she’s thinking, these are the cards she’s dealt so might as well move on? I don’t know. Giving up everything she’s ever known for a guy she “just met” seems a little crazy but it’s freaking Peter Bishop (seems a little more sane). But what choice does she have? Also, Walter had an adorable moment with Peter celebrating every birthday he’s ever not had.

But really, Lincoln is such a nice guy…and he knows it. He’s been in love with Olivia this whole time and now that she “remembers” loving Peter, he’s kicked to the curb? IMHO, Lincoln was never going to get Olivia. She had a gaping Peter Bishop-shaped hole in her heart that only he could fill. And although I feel bad for Lincoln, they’re really all victims of circumstance…well, Lincoln’s a little more victim than everyone else. It might be an #unpopularopinion but I’m kind of glad that Peter and Olivia aren’t all over each other. Not so much as a kiss or hug in this episode. Olivia simply mentioned that she was taken (twice) and Peter was at home waiting for her after her therapy session with a glass of wine. If that’s not true love, what is?

My tweets often give my “first impressions” of an episode. Here’s my tweets during FRINGE:

  • “Lincoln is a good guy. Good guys sometimes get the girl. Other times the guy from the other universe gets the girl.”
  • “Happy Olivia and Peter for the first time since mid-Season 3…when they got together. So this is what it looks like.”
  • “More questions than answers on Fringe? #shocker” 

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