PaleyFest 2012: Bones Panel Review and Photos

Wow, what a great night with the cast and creators of BONES. Not only were we able to screen the upcoming episode where Booth & Bones’ baby is born! (<—alliteration). I don’t want to spoil anything, but the episode was the perfect combination of hilarious and beautiful. Curious as to the baby’s name? She’s named after two very special ladies in Bones’ life.

About 1/3 of the panel was David & Emily bickering, sparking EP Stephen Nathan to say “[the writers] don’t need to write anymore” because of the obvious chemistry between all of the actors. It’s true that the 7 years on Bones have obviously bonded the cast. It’s fairly obvious that they all more than “get along.” Creator Hart Hanson seems confident that the show’s move to Monday night will be fine and that FOX we renew Bones for the 8th and possibly 9th season.

Here’s what you REALLY want…PHOTOS!


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