PaleyFest 2012: Castle Panel Review and Photos

What an exciting night at Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills this week for the CASTLE panel. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was in the packed theatre for the entire cast. The lovely Tamala Jones (Lanie) serenaded the crowd a la Blue Butterfly before we screening the March 19th episode. Not only was the entire cast on hand, Creator Andrew Marlowe was there being cryptic about the future of the show. Although he claims that Castle and Beckett will eventually get together and that it won’t be the series finale. He believes that there’s tons of stories to be told after the pair seals the deal. When asked if she was ready for them to get together, Stana Katic (Kate Beckett) quickly responded with an emphatic “YES!” Meanwhile, Nathan Fillion (Richard Castle) imagines their eventual ‘union’ as a clumsy ordeal with lots of ‘physical’ comedy.

And how does Alexis feel about the whole thing? Actress Molly Quinn believes that Alexis doesn’t mind, she just doesn’t want it in the house! But where will Alexis be going in the future? Abroad? In the city? Across the country? Molly isn’t sure but admits that Alexis (and Molly) enjoy working in the lab with Lanie (Tamala Jones).

The caste read some of the script from Blue Butterfly in their best 1940s accents while Nathan, Seamus (Ryan) and Jon (Esposito) reenacted a fight scene that was cut from the episode (photos below!) Overall, the cast seems pretty comfortable with the show’s success and can’t wait to see where the characters go. Neither can we!

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