REVIEW: Fringe “A Short Story About Love”

Ok, guys. A little while ago I wrote up my theory on Season 4 of Fringe. And afterwards, I found some stuff on the interwebs claiming that March 23rd would be THE DAY when all (or most) of the questions would be answered. So here we are, March 27th and I have compiled my thoughts on the defining episode of Fringe Season 4.

  • Olivia is in love with Peter and she’s so willing to admit it. I wouldn’t be surprised if she went up to strangers on the street, shook them and screamed “I’m freaking IN LOVE with Peter Bishop but I’ve only actually known him for a few months because he’s from another universe where there’s another girl named Olivia who looks like me, but isn’t me. And did I mention that I LOVE HIM?!?”
  • Lincoln is kind of having a little pity party because he’s known Olivia for way longer than Peter but he’s stuck in the “friend-zone” and Olivia is so ridiculously in love with Peter that Lincoln could disappear and she wouldn’t notice. (haha, like Peter in the Season 3 finale)
  • Walter told Peter that he’s a better man than him…aka Peter’s a “better man than his father.” Don’t you remember the significance of THAT? Peter has come full circle.
  • Peter is a little curious about The Observers (FINALLY!) and goes to New York to figure out the cryptic-ness of some statements from the last episode. He finds some alien MIB-type stuff and follows the GPS to a strange cone-thingy that rises from the ground and September is inside (?). He helped Peter and now Peter has helped him. (More full circle-ness)
  • Olivia is on the case to find a creeper who kills people in love. But not before making out with them and sniffing them a lot. Anyway, Lincoln longingly glances at her while a supposed victim talks about the difference between love and being IN love. Lincoln thinks about Olivia. Olivia thinks about Peter. Le sigh.
  • Olivia is starting to lose memories while the ones from the “other” Olivia are replacing them. She tries to talk to Walter about it but he doesn’t have a plan (for the first time ever.) She eventually decides to accept her fate of forgetting her “current” life in favor of being in love with Peter. She begs Nina to still love her when she doesn’t remember their special bond anymore.
  • Meanwhile, September drops a bomb (figuratively) on Peter telling him that the “love” of the people around him kept him from getting erased completely. Peter still isn’t getting it so he spells it out for him: “She is your Olivia.” The least cryptic thing an Observer has ever said.
  • Yay! Peter and Olivia reunite with a kiss and spin in the snow a la Mary & Matthew.

So this Friday, do things go back to “normal”? We’ve got 7 new episodes in a row coming up of FRINGE. And rumor has it, there’s a possibility for renewal. #fingerscrossed

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