Once Upon a Time- The Return

Once Upon A Time is back for its last few episodes of the season. Here a recap of this week’s episode.

In Fariytale world we follow Rumplestiltskin and his son sometime after Rumplestiltskin has gotten his magic. Everyone is afraid of Rumplestiltskin power including his son, Baefire. He ask his father if there is any way Rumplestiltskin can give up his powers. Rumplestiltskin explains that the only way is if someone kills him with the dagger that has his name on it. The two make a deal that if Baefire can find another way they would try it. With this deal in place Baefire goes to the Blue Fairy for another way. She gives him a magic bean that will send them to a world without magic where Rumplestiltskin can’t use his magic. When Baefire plants the bean a blue whirlpool passageway appears, and he tries to convince his father to jump down the passageway. Rumplestiltskin seem afraid refuses so Baefire jump in that the passageway closes behind him. Rumplestiltskin immediately regrets his choice and goes to the Blue Fairy to see if there is another way to the world without magic. It’s through this conversation that Rumplestiltskin get the idea for the curse.

In Storybook we follow Mr Gold who has be suspicious of August Booth. After breaking into August’s room Gold finding a drawing of the dagger. Gold then goes and talks to Dr. Hopper. He tells the doctor that he thinks he has found his son but is sure what to say to him since they ended on bad terms. Dr. Hopper’s advice it to be honest and that is what Gold does later when he confronts August. August admits he is Rumplestiltskin ‘s son and Gold gives a tearful apology for what happen in the fairytale world. He then gives August the dagger. Upon receiving the dagger August tries to use it to control Rumplestiltskin’s magic so he can go back to the fariytale world.

Here is the big twist. It turns out August isn’t really Mr. Gold’s son. He lied to get Gold’s trust. He needs magic  to return to Fariytale world because he is dying and doesn’t believe that Emma can break the curse soon enough. After taking back his dagger Gold tells August to try again with Emma since she trust him and walks away.

While all this is happening with Mr. Gold and August, the rest of the town is celebrating. With the return of Kathryn it means she wasn’t dead but was drugged and kidnapped, and Mary Margaret isn’t a suspect anymore. David spends most of the episode trying to apologizing to Mary Margaret for not believing her’s innocence but she doesn’t want it.

Meanwhile Emma is looking in to who drugged Kathryn and she suspects Regina. Before she can find any evidence to connect Regina to the crime Sidney confesses. He claims that he did it so he write a big story on it and get his job. Emma believes that he lying to protect Regina so she confronts her. Emma tells Regina that she is going to ‘get my son back’ ending the episode.

I really liked this episode because we got to learn more about Mr. Gold and August. Now we know who side Mr. Gold is on. nobody’s. He helped the the Queen with the curse because he want to reunite with his son. As for August ,we know he isn’t Mr. Gold’s son with was a popular theory. Personally I think he is Pinocchio which is another popular theory. We might find out in the next episode since from the previews it seem to be the Pinocchio episode.



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