Once Upon A Time- The Stranger

In this week’s episode we learn August Booth’s story. It turns out that he is Pinocchio. His story begins in Fairytale world after he has become a real boy. The Blue Fairy arrives and ask Geppetto to build the wardrobe that will protect two people from the curse. He agrees only after making a deal that allows Pinocchio to be the second person protected from the curse. The Blue Fairy tells everyone else that wardrobe will only protected one person. Geppitto tells Pinocchio to protect and look out for Emma before sending him through the wardrobe shortly before Emma. However Pinocchio/August doesn’t do that for long after they arrive into our world. When he gets the chance August runs away from the orphanage. He is now back trying to convince Emma that the curse is really and she is the savior. Emma however is still in complete denial. August tries to show her his leg which has turned to wood but she still isn’t able to see anything odd. Her denial is so strong partly because of logic but also because she doesn’t want to be responsible for everyone’s happiness.

Regina meanwhile isn’t having a good day. It starts off with a confrontation with Mary Margaret in where Mary Margaret pitys Regina because her life must be really lonely if “your only joy comes from destroying everyone else’s happiness.” A few moment later Regina end up into another confrontation with Henry who tells her that “Snow White will have her happy ending. She and Prince Charming will be together. The curse will end. Good will win”.  In retaliation Regina decides to make a move on David. She gets him to help her bring in grocery and stay for dinner. After dinner a chivalrous David helps wash dishes. As they are talking Regina attempts to kiss David. He stops it and say that they should just be friends. He decides to go home leaving Regina very angry.

As for Emma’s threat to take Henry away, she tries to make good on that. In the beginning of the episode she goes to Mr. Gold to see if he will help her. He tells her that Emma can’t win because Regina is too powerful. So in the last scene of episode, Emma call Henry to her car and the two of them leaves Storybrook.


I am glad that I was right about who August is and it was interesting to see his story.

I am also glad to see that David didn’t fall for Regina’s plan. It made me like him a little more which is good since I am not a fan of David.

I am also really frustrated that Emma won’t believe in the curse. Although on some subconscious level she might believe. Why else would Emma think that kidnapping Henry is a good idea? If she and Henry leave Storybrook then Regina can’t get to them because of the curse. At least that is what I am hoping.

What'd you think?