REPLAY: Fringe Season 1

In the 90 minute Pilot, we meet Agents Olivia Dunham and John Scott, who are partners in several senses of the word. A plane lands with a bunch of dead people on it. They investigate and Scott ends up getting hurt in an explosion. In order to save him, Olivia must get help from a scientist (Dr. Walter Bishop) that has been put into a psych ward. The only way for him to get out is if his son comes to get him. Olivia flies to Europe to get Peter Bishop who can get her access to Walter. They work together and manage to get Walter out of the hospital as long as Peter agrees to babysit him. The home base for the team is Walter’s old Harvard lab on campus. He uses the lab to analyze bodies, find cures, mix potions and ponder random thoughts about junk food or…anything else.

Astrid joins the team as Olivia’s assistant but essentially becomes Walter’s. The foursome solve unusual problems designated to them by the FBI. They’re predominantly paranormal or just plain weird cases. Like alternate realities, mutant animal species, shape shifters, etc.

Other Important People

Charlie is Olivia’s main contact within the FBI. But mainly, they’re friends. It’s very clear that they have a strong friendship. He was Olivia’s boss before she transferred to the Fringe Division. Now she has a new boss.

Agent Broyles is in charge of the Fringe Division. He is the liaison between the government and the division. He answers to the higher ups about the legitimacy and progress of the Fringe Division.

William Bell is the main villain in season 1. He is in charge of Massive Dynamic, a huge science and technology corporation. Every case seems to somehow lead back to Massive Dynamic. William is also Walter’s former lab partner. They clearly ended up on different life paths.

Important Things To Know Going Into Season 2 (MAJOR SPOILERS)

There are alternate universes and William Bell (& Massive Dynamic) have the ability to access them. This essentially means that there are multiples of every person in these alternate universes. Normally, these world never meet. But when someone has the ability to go between the two, things can get a little confusing.

At the end of Season 1, William Bell opens up a portal in the woods and travels to another universe. Peter, Walter & Olivia all witness this. In the other universe, things look very similar but there are slight differences.

Another strange thing is that Walter goes to a gravesite and when we see the tombstone, it reads

Peter Bishop. 1978-1985.

To me, this implies that the Peter we know and love is actually from another universe and his dad brought him to this universe when he was very young…after the other Peter dies. I’m curious as to how this will be explained in the coming Seasons.

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