REVIEW: Game of Thrones “Garden of Bones”

Can I just say that with that title alone we are definitely in for a great episode? I can feel it.

Opening sequence with two new locations, I am so lucky.

Harrenhall isn’t quite like I pictured it, but I’ll take it, and Qarth definitely has the circled rings going for it.

Okay I have to say the show is starting to grow on me more and more after adjusting to the changes from the book. Especially if deviating from the book means amazing opening scenes like the soldiers discussing who would win in random fights and messing with each other. And then, Pow! Direwolf to the face! Nice to know Robb isn’t messing around, see we don’t get Robb’s viewpoint in the book so seeing this pretty much rocks my socks. More battle scenes and less sex scenes puhlease!

So I’m guessing this girl, Telissa (shrugging on the spelling), gotta say for a brand new character, I like her already. I wonder if she’s replacing Jeyne Westerling? Unclear on all that. Her pointing out to Robb that he should have a plan on what happens after he wins this war. Because if you fight to put another idiot king on the throne, what’s the point! But damnit, they messed with the Starks, go get VENGEANCE Robb!

Yes! One of my favorite scenes ever. Because this is the first time you start to really feel pity for Sansa. At least they showed that brief moment of the Hound not at all pleased with Joffrey, in the book he actually spoke out against it. Also in the book Sansa was utterly beaten up and fully stripped down (obviously you can’t do that in the show). Love how in the report apparently the Northmen feasted on the flesh of the dead. Also Joffrey is ridiculously unpopular if that’s the size of his court. (And looking back on it that was a really stupid sentence)

Lady Sansa, you may just survive us yet.

You know how last week I said that the show is really reaching with these unnecessary scenes? Joffrey and the whores definitely take the cake with it. We all know, like last week with Renly and Theon that Joffrey is a little shit. However, this scene just takes him to another level AND cancels out Sansa’s brutality, because people will think at least she didn’t have it that bad. Also Ros! For fricking sake she can not be the only whore in King’s Landing. *throwing hands in the air in frustration*. The ONLY redeeming factor in all this is Jack Gleeson’s performance with a ridiculous crossbow. (Sidenote: I stalked him a little bit and apparently he wants to quit acting after this role, and go to college. Gotta be a smart move because I don’t see him playing a romantic comedy after this gig is up in however many seasons).

Now to Renly’s camp, the TV show part is all about the untold side of the story which I’m fine about but this interpretation of Margaery is turning her into a conniving little woman. Her outfits are getting more ridiculous but slightly more practical.

I feel like if I were part of the court a fun game would be to try and throw food into that giant bowl around her.

Jorah Mormont=Westeropedia.

Yay! Arya starts her nightly prayer, get used to the names.

Admittedly I thought Littlefinger was traveling between camps super fast and then I realized Catelyn is in Renly’s camp. (I really got to start getting more sleep). Catelyn and Littlefinger so far have never encountered each other in the books after Ned’s death. (Looking back on it I don’t know why). But I swear this encounter is absolutely how I would see it going down. Catelyn just overwhelmed by so much. Also it’s strange because the two are going to come up with some plan to help themselves out. You can see the gears turning. I see what they’re doing in the show and I have to say it makes sense in condensing the book into only 10 hours. Finally getting Ned’s remains minus the head and Ice.

I must be a twisted person if I am excited by watching the torture scenes instead of sex scenes at this point.Wait, what?! Are those rats… in the… on the…. on fire! Holy… not a way to die, yikes!

Renly vs. Stannis. Nice little brotherly spat. Lol, I never really liked Loras but that ham comment was just the best. Stubbornness is going to get all these idiot kings/queen killed. I love how Renly says to look around at all the banners and we can’t see them (again with lacking on post-production, guess we still have to use our imaginations)

"See them brother, there, with all their banners?" Clearly they're in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Daenerys there’s a fine line between being “queenly” and just being a bitch. I know your dying in the desert but it is their city. And as for seeing the dragons this kind of says it all for me:

I know I was thinking it.

Xaro Xhoan Daxos just totally “parley’d” them into Qarth, well done sir. For a character I barely remember from the books.

Mention of the Brotherhood, that will come into play big time next season or the following.

Wait, Tywin, in Harrenhall? Hmm don’t know how that will play out in the long run. Also where is The Mountain in all this? Geez book and TV show for realsies have split. “She’s a girl you idiot” they are really killing Arya’s disguise, though I guess with Tywin seeing her now he would be an idiot not to notice it.

LMAO I thought Lancel was one of the whores that Joffrey just abused for a second. Tyrion: 3 Cersei: 0. Oh god wonder if Pycelle will even be of any use to anyone now.

Stannis and Davos stronger BFF’s then Tyrion and Bronn, just take my word on it.

Cleaner ways don’t win wars, true.

I’m fricking terrified with this boat ride and I know what’s coming, just not quite sure how it’ll be executed.

Davos, Ser, you have balls of steel my man. If that were me I’d be out of there lickety split. Shit.

So a few things I took away from this episode. It was definitely better then the past few slower episodes because I feel like things are finally moving forward. Let’s just be honest that last scene with Melisandre was wow, just wow. Kind of wonder what the casting call for that looked like? Woman who looks kick ass while giving birth? I don’t know but I must say Carice van Houten is owning this role.

I have yet to see the women wearing the Qartheen(?) robes, but I suppose we haven’t ventured into the city quite yet.

I just realized why did they show Pyke, Winterfell and The Wall on the map in the opening, if we didn’t venture to those locations? Weird.

I miss Theon. but I guess that’s what happens when characters disappear for a week.

Until next time peeps!

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  1. Just so you know, the Mountain was in Harrenhal. He was picking the prisoners to be tortured. They even referred to him as the Mountain.

    So the series hasn’t diverged much, the village scenes where the Mountain did his questioned has been moved to Harrenhal, where Tywin did have his troops in the books (but Arya wasn’t his cupbearer…)

    1. Ah thanks for that. I just find it weird we haven’t seen him (The Mountain) yet. But I guess they’re saving him for something else at the moment. Yeah I wonder if they’re cutting Ramsay Snow out of the show or bringing him in later, which would make more sense.

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