REVIEW: Young Justice “Auld Acquaintance”

First things first, a lot of things happened in this episode. Just like the previous one even though I love both episodes there is definitely a feeling of the writers rushing to the finish.

So let’s dive in and then you can decide whether or not I’m crazy.

The episode opens up right where we left off with Red Arrow realizing that he is the mole and that he needs to get the hell out of there and fast.

Of course with all of the Justice League under Vandal Savage’s control that seems like a tough task to complete.

For a second there I thought Sportsmaster was back, but now that I see the three Leaguers it’s definitely Aquaman. (I’ve been doing this a bit with shows lately, which is why at times I re-watch them, lack of sleep you see). I’m wondering why exactly they are keeping Red Arrow alive though, I would’ve assumed his part in all this is over and he’s useless. Evildoers make no sense.

Ok wait what?! Since Batman is under Savage’s control is any of this true? I mean Red Arrow being a Cadmus clone and the REAL Speedy being stuck underground?! I call shenanigans. I think this is just all being said so Young Justice spends their time going after Red Arrow. Though why? (Yeah I tend to over think TV things).

A clone? Say wha?! Has to be a lie.

See I don’t get how Red Tornado an Android is being controlled by a biotechnic intergalactic echinoderm (well that’s a sentence).

Lol, Artemis and Kid Flash, just figure it out already, you’re in peril on a daily basis but can’t admit to tell each other how you feel? Oh to be a teenager. Can’t say I miss it.

And that’s my Red Tornado question answered. Nice to know the show didn’t forget about something so simple. In addition at least we know why Red Arrow was a little bastard to Artemis too. I wish I could explain my bitchiness to people being me under mind-control. Just saying…

Black Canary, Red Tornado, and Red Arrow are not infected again, this show is at least that predictable.

Big Baddie. Because, apparently good guys don't have scars.

Well damn, Savage has been the mastermind this season for sure. Little puppetmaster.

You know it takes a little time to get used to the idea of multiple Green Lanterns. So used to John Stewart though, from the Justice League days.

Of course in traditional form the kids are paired up with mentors/fathers. Classic superhero form.

“Still can’t save my father from Fate”. Ah I see what they did there…

Artemis, KF and Aqualad against their mentors.

Rocket. I am so ready for a highlight episode on you, after Artemis’ reveal Rocket is rising in the ranks to be my favorite character.

Never really got how useful a power force fields could be, you know aside from Sue Storm.

Batman vs. Robin, another reason I wanted this show to be longer because less then 30 minutes just does not cut it.

Wait Martian Manhunter doesn’t know M’gann is a white martian, does he? I can’t remember if they made that clear in the past.

Already the battle is over? See this is why this should have been an hour-long episode.

Told YOU! I called the pairings the last episode. And I so agree with Red Tornado, “Human customs still elude me”.

Superman, father of the month (not year, because let’s face it he needs to EARN it).

So wait, for real Red Arrow’s a Cadmus clone?! Did NOT think that was for real.

I love how they set up the next “official” season, even though there’s a new episode next week.

Few things:

Speedy being revealed as being trapped in Cadmus with a missing arm AND three years of his life just gone. Wonder how that will effect Green Arrow next season because he looked considerably hurt. Also since Artemis is revealed to not be related to Green Arrow is he still technically her mentor? And/or does she have other skills besides archery?

16 hour gap. This is probably going to be the next arc of the show, figuring out where that time went and what happened. I have to say it’s like Hangover 3, sorry first thing that came to mind.

More characters, Batgirl has already been confirmed. Wonder if there will be more focus on Rocket and Aqualad? Both even though they are part of the team have been in the background.

Can’t wait for the next episode. Seriously this show just keeps me on the edge every week. Not as badly as Legend of Korra or Game of Thrones, but I have to say the end of my weekends are usually suspenseful!

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