‘Smash’ recap: Publicity

As we all anticipate a new episode of ‘Smash’ tonight, let’s fill you in on what went down last week. Rebecca Duvall decided to adopt Karen Cartwright as her new BFF, which obviously made Ivy very jealous. They went out to bars, did various musical things, and of course ended up all over the tabloids, which inexplicably pissed off Dev. Rebecca finally met Dev, and the two did not get along well, ending in one of the most horribly awkward, inexplicable musical numbers starring EVERYONE IN THE SHOW. And when it was over, it wasn’t even explained! No, “oh Karen’s overwhelmed or on drugs or her water was spiked.” Just “this just happened. deal.”

Leo ran away to live with the latest member of whatever Hair band exists at his high school because he still can’t handle that half of every marriage ends in divorce. Although, to be fair, having to handle the fact that your mom slept around probably isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Tom is overly emotional about the whole thing, literally CRYING when Leo comes back home because he was just wrought with despair, which was evident from how much time he spent helping look for Leo…just kidding.

At the end of the episode, Ivy, as cunning as always, had Ellis send a text to Karen telling her she had the day off, and stole the spotlight with Marilyn’s lastest, beautiful ballad. But Rebecca heard how talented Ivy is, and decided she wanted the song for herself.

Oh, Smash. What next?

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