Smash Recap: “The Movie Star”

This week on Smash, we actually got to see more than one minute of Rebecca Duvall (Uma Thurman) on screen! Yay! Everyone is excited to have a movie star in the cast, so beautiful and talent….ed? Except she can’t sing. Well, she can, kind of. Just not well. Which is clearly a problem.

Tom goes on a date with his “cast crush” aka: Ivy’s gay bff Sam, because Julia was tired of them flirting all the damn time during rehearsal (and frankly so was I). So they go out and end up back in Tom’s apartment where- HELLO, WHOA, Tom just starts going to town trying to get Sam into bed. But Sam pulls religion out instead of what Tom was hoping he’d pull out. He tells Tom to take things more slowly and they leave it at that.

Eileen is debating whether or not she wants to be involved with Nick, her sexy accented bartender. Frankly, seeing them kiss makes me uncomfortable because I can’t see them being together in life. But whatever. She confronts him (kind of) about being a crook, and his excuse is, “If you want to be a bartender in a city or something like that, you have to be a law breaker” or something along those lines. It was kind of a dumb excuse, but she kisses him anyway.

Ellis FINALLY gets caught doing something horrible, and by that I mean trying to sweet talk his way into getting close to Rebecca Duvall because he’s a terrible weasel. I was super glad that SOMEONE besides Julia and myself knows he sucks.

Dev is mean to Karen like, ALL EPISODE, because he didn’t get the promotion he wanted, and didn’t tell her. So when she tries to console him, he runs to his only-other-indian-castmate work partner, A.J., who is clearly trying to break up his relationship. Cool, Dev, good job.

In big, BIG news, Ivy is back in the cast, and kind of being nice to Karen with clear ulterior motives. Because Rebecca is in the show, neither Karen nor Ivy will play Marilyn (or will they…dun dun dunnnn).

Derek is having sexy daydreams about Karen dressed as Marilyn (oh hayyy).

annnd  Leo is having trouble at school because Frank and Julia can’t lock their lives down.


Did I forget anything? Who knows. Let’s see what happens next week!

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