Smash Recap “The Understudy”

Previously on Smash, Ivy over-boozed and under-performed, getting her kicked off the show “Heaven on Earth,” and making her a blacklist member overnight in show biz, Karen helped Ivy through her crisis of the moment, Frank found out Julia had an affair and left her, Eileen drank too many martinis, and Ellis was a little shit. per usual.

So all the hype about this week’s episode of Smash was centered around Uma Thurman, which is amazing, because she literally had ONE MINUTE of screen time. Oh NBC, how you tease. And they’re still teasing! Karen is now the understudy for Marilyn, but Ivy is sneaking around sabotaging…oh girl fights. you so tricky.

Derek made the mistake to visit Karen (while she was in her lingerie, I might add) to tell her in person that she was no longer going to be the one playing Marilyn because Uma, I mean, whatever her name is, was going to be there in person (for 58 seconds…sorry, I really can’t get over it. Can they really call that special guest starring?) the next day. He runs into Dev, who has been keeping a SNEAKY secret and honestly being really unfair to Karen about it since he hasn’t TOLD her that he didn’t get the job he was going for.

And so Dev does the logical thing when he sees Derek and avoids confrontation. Just kidding, he fights him.

Eileen gets a surprise when her sexy, accented bartender decides to pull in an investor/rock star buddy of his and back Marilyn. She abandons her other, uptight investors, and goes with the crazy man instead. Ellis apparently has dirt on them? I don’t really know. That plotline better get better developed.

So. Will Ivy get back in the show? Will Frank take Julia back? Will Tom go for that foxy man in the ensemble? Will Karen play Marilyn? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

This show is pretty good, guys. I’m not going to lie to you, I’m totally digging it. What do you think?

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