Sorkin Fans Will Love SCANDAL’s Fast Talkers

As arguably one of the biggest Aaron Sorkin fans of all time (SPORTS NIGHT began my intense love of television at age 10), I’m always looking for something¬†comparable¬†on my television while Sorkin works on his next big hit. That’s why the opening scene of the SCANDAL pilot caught my eye. Created by Shonda Rhimes (of GREY’S ANATOMY and PRIVATE PRACTICE success), SCANDAL hits all of the right notes for the smart TV viewers of the day. Plus, with a DVR you can rewind all of that dialog to catch every single word. Not only is it the fastest talking non-Sorkin thing I’ve ever seen, but STUDIO 60 alum Columbus Short is in it. If that doesn’t peak your Sorkin fanboy interest, check out what the cast had to say about the quick dialog and watch a quick preview of the Pilot airing this Thursday April 5th on ABC.

Watch for more of the interview in the coming days leading up to the premiere on April 5th.

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