The Legend of Korra Premiere

Nickelodeon’s The Legend of Korra, the much anticipated sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender, premiered this past Saturday. It was a great start to a new series and a good companion for the original series. The hour long premiere consisted of the first two episodes. Overall both episodes worked to introduce the viewer to the new characters and world. Do not worry if you have not seen the original series, Legend of Korra is inviting to newcomers, while still having references to the original series for fans. The mention of Zuko’s mom was my favorite reference.


Episode 1- Welcome to Republic City

Most of the first episode is spent introducing us to the new avatar, Korra and the setting which is the capital Republic City. The episode begins with teenage Korra who has already mastered water, earth, and firebending. She decides to go to the capital, Republic City to learn airbending from the airbender Tenzin, son of Aang and Katara (characters from the original series). Before going to Tenzin home, on Air Temple Island, Korra explores Republic City.

The city is reminiscent of 1920s New York City. There is even a large statue of Aang in place of the Statue of Liberty.  The city which is suppose to be the center of peace is not so peaceful. There is trouble brewing with things like the Equalists’ anti-bending movement and thugs like Triple Tirade.

After a fight with Triple Tirade, Korra get into trouble with the law for her vigilant act. The charges are dropped thanks to help from Tenzin. The episode ends with a press conference where Korra announces to the city that she is the Avatar. We see Amon, leader of the Equalists, listening to the conference over the radio. He tells one of his men that their plans need to be accelerated since the Avatar has arrived early. An intriguing end to the first episode.

Episode 2- A Leaf in the Wind

This second episode introduces new characters, Bolin and Mako, and a new sport Pro-bending. Before any of that, the episodes focuses on Korra’s airbending training and isn’t going very well. Korra, who has never been able to airbend, has a hard time learning the fundamentals of airbending. Tenzin tells Korra that she needs to be free from distractions like Pro-bending which he feels is a ‘mockery of the noble tradition of bending’. The two end up in an argument over Korra’s restrictions and like a typical teenager, Korra sneaks out and goes to the Pro-bending arena.

This is where she meets Bolin and Mako. They are brother as well as really good Pro-bending players. Pro-bending uses a modern style of fighting that is unfamiliar to Korra. She gets the boys to teach her the new style and eventually joins their Pro-bending team. Pro-bending is similar to wrestling. It consist of two teams of three who objective is to knock the other team out of the ring using bending.

When Tenzin learns that Korra is playing in a Pro-bending match, he is furious and goes to the arena to bring her back. That doesn’t happen. Instead Tenzin stays and watches the end of the match. It’s good that he does because just as Korra is about to lose the match his training clicks with Korra. She uses the training to dodge the incoming attacks from the other team until they tired. With the other team weak, Korra, Bolin, and Mako are able to knock the them out of the ring and win the game.

The episode ends later on Air Temple Island where Korra and Tenzin make amends. Korra apologizes for her behavior and Tenzin apologizes for losing his temper. He also admits that Por-bending was a good learning tool of Korra.


So what did you think of the premiere of The Legend of Korra? Are you excited for next week’s episode?


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