REVIEW: Community “Curriculum Unavailable”

Before I get started I know this one is a week behind, stuff happened. But I have to say at least Community is renewed for at least 13 episodes next season, and moved to Fridays (damn you NBC). But hopefully I’m trying to recruit people to watch the show and get people to watch on Fridays. So without further ado this is the mini Community review before the major trifecta that premiered yesterday (don’t worry I’m on it).

Apparently it’s been two months since the study group has been expelled and they still meet up thanks to Pierce (kind of sort of). They’ve been surviving on a Bagel bite casserole with a hot pocket filling and Dorito glaze and some Lifesavers. (Troy just wants his own food, you know). Sidenote, who eats Lifesavers anymore?

Abed knew about the Dean imposter (called it last week, obvious) We don’t have much space! By the way $60 is a lot of money, for a brick people.

Everyone on this show is equally crazy!

Brett Ratner being the new Spielberg, I get it Abed I’d be distraught too. But c’mon it’s not like it’s Michael Bay.

I have the urge to narrate peoples lives now. Hmm clip show episode again, I have mixed feelings right now (update: after watching the full show it worked out brilliantly).

Crazy town banana pants, Pierce, that was comedy gold right there.

Troy and Abed and Annie in the morning.

You got caught!

Insanity=Solidarity (love this line). We just talked about it, also in those two months did something happen between Troy and Britta? Because that exchange was weird.

Our adventures are very manly, Oh Troy, whatever helps you sleep at night.

Love how the thunderstorm preludes the dark turn the episode takes.

Jeff tries to lighten the mood but ultimately Abed will be taken to crazy people jail.

I love the different, ridiculous classes that Greendale offers: Baby Talk, Human Chess, Advanced Breath Holding, Can I Fry that? (This one personally had me dying of laughter with the Fries response and ensuing kick out of the class), Welcome to Ladders.

Other then the other clip show (Paradigms of Human Memory), this one focuses solely on the college. Oh, with the Dean, smh this show. Just when I think I have things figured out.

AC Repair School conspiracy, calling it here and now (how else are they going to tie it in for next week)?

Shutter Island reference. Them in the psych ward was frickin hilarious, so old school.

"Not yet, I want to see what happens when we take their pens"

At least we all know they can’t “St. Elsewhere” the finale.

I love when Jeff said, “Hold on, that made no sense”. And the Troy slap into sense.

We definitely need to not do another paintball.

Troy and Abed in the Morning! nights…

“Spooky monster” scary not “grandma died” scary.

I loved this episode it moved us forward with the plot and did a clip show life thing but not gimmicky or repetitive. Also it jumped up two months, so wonder what’s changed at the college? Great episode it was wacky and grounded at once. Also I laughed a ton and that’s all I really want out of my shows!

In hindsight it would've been a brilliant finale, but this show can top it and will!
Cool cool cool. Not much to say except I've been obsessed with TV since I was a baby. Seriously my mom said I spent hours eating because Sesame Street would be on TV. I grew up a child of the nineties so like most kids from that time, my brain is mush and full of Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Saturday morning cartoons. Since this was way before the invention of Tivo/Dvrs I literally had to run to the TV and try and hog it from the family. Just a heads up I don't really like the typical review format so get used to some strangeness up ahead (in a good way, I hope)!Also, if you dare, you can check out more random thoughts at or I'm on the twitter @rakhEEnroLL

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