REVIEW: Community “First Chang Dynasty”

I have never seen this many new episodes of Community back to back before. Now I want to buy the DVDS and that’s all I want to do this summer. Hmm… of this is 2 of 3 from the night.

The Greendale video used at the beginning, that stock music, I totally picked that out for a video we’re doing next week. Weird. And I feel a sense of whimsy with that choice now.

Benjamin Franklin Chang, that school must be a mess by now.

That's So Chang-un (Filed under Misc Chang Puns)

Doppledeaner, love is not admissible evidence (so should be a song), Copera vs Policical (I actually prefer Policical).

Stalin back in Russian times. I’ll say it again these twelve year olds (parents, school)? Only this show makes it work.

So that’s how they bring the AC repair school into play, nice.

Elaborate Heist duh. And like the Law and Order episode I’ll list all elements. Let me know if I’m missing something (motley crew, big party, big baddie, rich high wig officials/guests, guards, walkie talkies, forced to call in someone last minute (plumber), scaring guards with going to their boss, getaway car, one key around big baddie, alarm code, keeping cool in front of honchos, failing plan A but Plan B executed to perfection, group walk, one person turning themselves in/losing one member, cutting the wire).

Dean’s speech taking the fall for it wall for the school was again so heartfelt. (Definitely got the feeling they thought this was the last season).

Well deserved Deanie Boy.

Rewind, Chang’s 25th? lol wtf?!

Troy’s goodbyes! I loved what he whispered to Abed and then when Abed said it he had tears in his eyes, Abed! “I know you hate this when people do it in movies”.

Oh Dean, I never understood raves, seems like a headache vomited over walls and it was induced by rainbows, unicorns and sprinkles. Vom.

This episode was so ridiculously crazy it worked. Seriously I know of no other show that could pull off this much insanity in less than 30 minutes, I mean what is that!?

I would so check out that magic show.
Cool cool cool. Not much to say except I've been obsessed with TV since I was a baby. Seriously my mom said I spent hours eating because Sesame Street would be on TV. I grew up a child of the nineties so like most kids from that time, my brain is mush and full of Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Saturday morning cartoons. Since this was way before the invention of Tivo/Dvrs I literally had to run to the TV and try and hog it from the family. Just a heads up I don't really like the typical review format so get used to some strangeness up ahead (in a good way, I hope)!Also, if you dare, you can check out more random thoughts at or I'm on the twitter @rakhEEnroLL

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