REVIEW: Game of Thrones “A Man Without Honor”

Hey all! I’m catching up quickly! So in last weeks episode of Game of Thrones we open up with “Prince” Theon waking up in a bed made up of wolf pelts (make of that what you will, I’m going with foreshadowing). Theon also really needs to work out if he wants to start beating people. And I love how his men along with everyone else in this world do not take Theon seriously.

Ha ha, oh Ygritte you fiery woman, you, “Did you pull a knife on me in the night”? and “No wonder you’re all so miserable”. Though to be fair it’s Jon Snow when is he not miserable.

The Mountain! Was wondering when he was going to turn up.

Tywin and Arya again. But this time we see a nicer side of Lord Tywin. Why exactly? In the books he, like Cersei, is just pure evil. I don’t know why this show is changing characters personalities a little too much. I don’t want to sympathize with him.

I can’t say it enough Arya is really stupid in the show, argh!

Sansa thanking the Hound, was wondering if they were going to show this. Great example of why Sandor serves Joffrey though, it’s not so much out of loyalty but to try and protect people from Joffrey in his own way. Just let the Hound be the Hound, Little Bird, believe me in this game being gruff is definitely better then being proper.

Daenerys, dragons, Xaros, yawn.

Yes! She said it! “You know nothing Jon Snow”. And he is a pretty boy, best way to describe him, he’s not exactly handsome now.

Robb, stop making googly eyes and fight the war! *Battle Cry*

I feel ya bro. Seriously I'm like this at work some times.

True Theon, “Better to be cruel then weak”. However, you should also be clever instead of rash as well.

Daenerys brings up a good point the only people that were truly hers were just massacred (doesn’t happen in the books, poor Dothraki). She has no people in Westeros.

Jon stop following in your father’s footsteps, honor is gonna get you killed, lose some of it.

Do you people feel badly for her yet?! Do you?

Yes! So glad they kept this scene with Sansa. The part with Shae wasn’t in the book but whatever, all for the show, blah blah blah. Sansa goes crazier in the book trying to burn the bed. And of course the Hound finding out doesn’t happen (though he looks unhappy about discovering it, to be fair).

The scene with Sansa and Cersei struck me how similar they both are. Being thrust into wanted marriages at first until the reality sets in. And then having to live in these marriages because of duty. “More people you love the weaker you are”, true words. Cersei finally admitting that Joffrey is a little shit and penance for her sins was beautifully said. I just wanted to applaud.

Jaime is seen, finally. Jaime describing his past is brilliantly executed, because we get to see it in the books and getting to know his past is essential. Barristan the Bold is Jaime’s idol, don’t forget it. Good prisoners breed good jailers, that mouth will get you in trouble sir. Jaime executing his cousin a little less so. Why is the show making Jaime unnecessarily meaner? I mean once you toss a kid out the window, it’s pretty clear right?

*Throwing arms in the air* I don't even KNOW anymore!

Killing off the Thirteen, what?! I guess they’re beefing up Qarth for some reason, better plot for the show, I don’t know but I guess she’s going to the House of the Undying.

Obviously Jaime wouldn’t get far, wonder what he was really planning. Brienne’s better at guarding, don’t fool her twice. Gag him! Preach Catelyn. Though, careful you don’t go to far with your place.

Jaime, you might want to take a lesson from your brother about when to keep your mouth shut, this isn't really working for you.

Jaime’s speech of oaths and swears and vows is true. Where do the lines cross and blur together? Who do you follow or trust? It’s rough, like Cersei said the more people you love the tougher it is. Ooh low blow Jaime bringing up Ned’s bastard to Catelyn, lol. He dead.

And Bran and Rickon are done-zo too. Though one would think that with this show, we would get to see the boys dipped in tar at least. I mean c’mon they are The Starks after all.

Dun dun DUN! 3 Starks down, 4 1/2 to go...

Theon you really are digging your way straight to the seven hells. Damn way past A Man Without Honor. Way, way, way past. Still love ya though, you piece of shit you.

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