REVIEW: Young Justice “Alienated”

So after last weeks revelation that Miss Martian knows what the missing 16 hours are I was psyched because that was the season mystery and I thought that they may try and drag it out for a while. Little did I know there was another surprise in store this episode.

First I just have to say every time I hear Tim Curry’s voice I can’t help but applaud the choice. Ah Jaime Reyes and Karen Beecher in street clothes in, of course a diner, gotta be a diner.

Well that Kroletean was a red flag, gotta love the conveniently placed spaceship getaway.

Blue Beetle was my favorite in Batman: Brave and the Bold but I love him in Young Justice too, he’s flippin amazing!

Pictured: awesomeness

Hmm, Black Manta’s back, oh and missing 16 hours finally.

Sounds like Kroleteans are Skrull wannabes, can’t say it enough. wonder how they’re trying to profit from the Earthlings. Though they haven’t impersonated any heroes yet, right? It is weird that Green Lantern (Jon Stewart hasn’t heard anything from Green Lanterns about it though…)

Okay Miss Martian is going incredibly dark now. Why is Martian Manhunter not saying anything about it? I know time is of the essence but man! Her morals have been explore din the past with Black Canary, but she definitely needs a talk.

Something just doesn't sit right.

Bombshell: Kaldur is evil now! Was not expecting that one.

This truly is the darkest timeline.

Hmm The Competitor, I’m guessing he’s the big baddie this season. Mystery in a mystery.

Bat family, loves it!

Aww, yay!

And Wonder Woman took that fangirl comment right out of my mouth, nice.

Ahh Tula (Aquagirl) died, first-time mention of a member dying because of a mission. Also I wondered how he would take the news of his father (I guess it depends on where, when, and how he was told).

And now the big 6 are leaving Earth, so clearly it’s going to be insane on Earth.

Great episode with so many shockers it’s kind of competing with Revenge with the amount of twists and turns that happen on a weekly basis. I love shows that aren’t afraid of their fans and take a risk!

Cool cool cool. Not much to say except I've been obsessed with TV since I was a baby. Seriously my mom said I spent hours eating because Sesame Street would be on TV. I grew up a child of the nineties so like most kids from that time, my brain is mush and full of Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Saturday morning cartoons. Since this was way before the invention of Tivo/Dvrs I literally had to run to the TV and try and hog it from the family. Just a heads up I don't really like the typical review format so get used to some strangeness up ahead (in a good way, I hope)!Also, if you dare, you can check out more random thoughts at or I'm on the twitter @rakhEEnroLL

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