‘Smash’ recap:

Sorry, readers, I’ve been neglecting you while finals have taken over my life. Here’s what you missed on Smash last week, and lemme tell ya, they’re zingers.

– Derek sleeps with Rebecca

I’m going to be honest, I think this was just a random excuse to stir the pot, because I felt literally nothing between these 2 people. Derek clearly has some unresolved Marilyn issues and is tired of looking at magazines from 1950 to get his fix. Now we just have to deal with the Ivy fallout.

– Dev asks Karen to marry him as a last ditch attempt to not be an asshole.

Dev has just been completely unfair to Karen lately. The man is under stress, sure, but she TRIES to help! SHE isn’t the one cheating with HER only-other-Indian-castmate counterpart! I think they broke up at the end of the episode, but honestly I couldn’t tell. We’ll see those results tonight as well.

– Michael returns as Joe DiMaggio

After an apparently uncontracted actor just bolts and gets the hell out of dodge to do a Pilot. Julia fights and fights and bitches and moans and complains and cries and freaks out because she’ll have to face her huge mistake all over again, but you know what? IT WAS HER MISTAKE. Why should the show suffer because she can’t keep it in her pants? This whole thing just made me mad.
Okay, that’s basically the rundown. Also, can Smash stop trying to be Glee? Glee isn’t good anymore, and I actually want to LIKE Smash. Just saying.

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