‘Smash’ Recap: “Bombshell”

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that was our Spring finale of this season of ‘Smash,’ and hot dang did it go out with a bang.

So the episode opens with Tom and Julia scrambling around to give the last song to “Marilyn,” and we don’t see who everyone is saying “Break a leg!” to before the opening of the show. But then we get a nifty “12 hours earlier” thing to take us full circle.

Derek is arguing with Tom, Julia, and Eileen to decide who should go on since Rebecca is out due to willfully ingested peanut poison. He looks through the costumes and decides to go with his gut/heart/hallucinations and chooses Karen over Ivy.

Ivy is understandably upset, and takes it out by telling Dev she hasn’t found the ring he left in her hotel room following their indiscretion, and instead puts it on Karen’s dressing room table and straight up admits to Karen what happened.

Karen confronts Dev, who also admits to sleeping with Ivy.

Meanwhile, crazy Ellis with his crazy hair and his crazy brain, marches right up to Eileen and is basically like, “If I had known you were going to cast Karen instead of Ivy, I would have never tried to kill Rebecca in the first place! God, Eileen, you are so STUPID.”

and Eileen fires him. THANK GOD. But not without a clichè “You haven’t seen the last of me!” line from him as he buttons up his ridiculous sesame street-looking blazer and bounces.

Frank sees Julia touching Michael’s arm after he tells her that his wife left him, and Frank freaks out about trust or whatever, but they quickly make up as Leo brings them heart-attack inducing food. Leo sucks, guys, sorry not sorry. He’s kind of the worst and I don’t understand why he’s so bad at acting and being a person. Is he an executive’s son or something? Like why is he there?

The whole incident sparks Julia to write the final song for Marilyn (you know, a song that doesn’t make people want to copy her demise).

Everyone doubts Karen’s ability to go on, including Karen, but Derek has complete faith, even when Karen runs away and hides behind…a curtain? I don’t really know. They have a touching conversation, and I am seriously in love with Derek and nomnomnom he is now mine.

While that’s happening, Ivy is told she’s Marilyn, and is basically already in costume because she wears a Marilyn suit under her clothes. But as soon as she’s on stage, Karen comes back with Derek and it’s super awkward and Karen is the star.

Ivy’s mother (Oh hayyy, Burnadette!) comes into town to see Ivy as Marilyn, but of course she’s not, so it’s very disappointing.

A Jonas brother showed up. It was tiny and hobbit-like. I don’t remember.

Karen rocked the whole show, and while she was performing the final number and Derek had just given her a beautiful send-off full of love and wonderfulness, Ivy took it upon herself to hold a lot of pills in her hand, and we don’t know if she took them or not.


I suppose all will be revealed when Smash returns!!



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